Converting the 2015 calendar into a successful email marketing schedule

The year is packed with events offering opportunities for us marketers to get creative, tap into the moment, and drive up engagement – (think national sporting events, annual national holidays, festivals and celebrations).

A good content calendar will map out the year ahead for a business, with date-driven events and topics around which content campaigns will be crafted.

And yet every year marketers miss the chance to achieve highly relevant marketing campaigns on key dates. The day-to-day dominates. The dates sneak up. Time runs out.

But not this year…

…this year, use our marketing campaign calendar to check off and schedule the dates and events around which you plan to build your most creative, compelling and response driving campaigns ever.

There’s no shortage of dates (and moment-grabbing opportunities) and this is the month to get them built into your plan and budget.

Can email marketing capture the power of the moment? 

More email is read on mobile devices than on desktops. Stats show 47% of email is now opened on a mobile device Litmus–”Email Analytics” (April 2014).

Which means email can and should tap into the ‘always on’ culture of mobile users.

Combine the immediacy of email, with the creative potential of the medium, responsive design and punchy copy to create a marketing campaign that deserves its place on any campaign calendar.

Our sample 2015 email marketing events calendar

Feb 1. Superbowl (US)

Feb 14. Valentine’s Day

Feb 19: Chinese New Year

Mar 15: Mothers’ Day (UK)

April 3, 5 & 6: Easter

April 6: Masters golf (US)

April 11: Grand National (UK)

April 18: NBA finals (US)

May 10: Mothers’ Day (US)

June 15: Fathers’ Day (UK)

June 21: Fathers’ Day (US)

Jun 29 – July 12: Wimbledon (UK)

July 4: Independence Day (US)

Sep 7: Labor Day (US)

Sept 18 – Oct 31: Rugby World Cup

Oct 31: Halloween

Nov 5: Guy Fawkes Day (UK)

Nov 26: Thanksgiving (US)

Nov 27: Black Friday

Nov 30: Cyber Monday

Dec 24: Christmas Eve

Dec 25: Christmas Day

Dec 26: Boxing Day (UK)

Now that your ducks are in a row…

Once you have your key dates down, it’s important that you allow time for campaign creation and revision.

Remember to allocate time to analyze the success of each campaign – after all, most key dates remain the same. If a campaign is particularly successful this year, there’s no reason you can’t update and re-use it next year.

And finally…

As the date draws closer…it’s time to get creative.

We’ve collated examples of emails that we feel were successful in capitalizing on key dates in the marketing calendar.



Starbucks use email to promote their Valentine’s Day offer and to encourage social sharing of the offer.



Innocent Smoothies give their newsletter a Mothers’ Day theme, encouraging social media engagement and customer goodwill.



dotmailer’s hugely successful Easter email campaign from a couple of years back shows how B2B marketers can harness national holiday themes, as much as B2C marketers can.



JC Crew’s Halloween email campaign uses striking creative to promote in store promotions and drive footfall.

Hopefully we have communicated the importance of creating an email marketing calendar for the year ahead. There’s plenty to be gained so get cracking.


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