Converting Abandoned Baskets On Your Magento Ecommerce Site

magento logodotMailer’s brand new, free of charge Connector for Magento is currently in Beta testing and due to hit the Magento Connect store shortly.

Abandoned baskets, welcome emails, newsletters, promotions and post-purchase emails can all be managed through the dotMailer Connector, using market leading email marketing tools to ramp up the effectiveness of your ecommerce site.

How it works

The dotMailer Magento Connector syncs your Magento contacts to an address book in your dotMailer account automatically. You can decide to create a dotMailer account and connect it to your online store at any time. All your existing customers and registered accounts will be sync’d to your dotMailer account.

Recovering up abandoned baskets

Abandoned baskets are a challenge for every online retailer. Imagine if just 10% of your abandoned baskets could be followed up and converted, what a difference it could make to your top line.

By employing the dotMailer Magento Connector you can send auto triggered emails to your registered site visitors when they abandon a basket, ( e.g. a special price offer or free delivery offer).

The dotMailer connector gives you control of when your customers are sent these triggered emails, so you can test whether the best time is an hour after the basket has been abandoned or 2 days. Continual testing and optimisation will help you maximise your conversion rates and significantly increase your online sales revenue.

Reporting on recovered baskets

The dotMailer Magento Connector has its own reporting section which shows you the number of baskets you have recovered as a result of the triggered emails sent, and the value of each recovered basket – often more than the value of the originally abandoned basket!

Incomplete orders

Your Magento site might offer payment by invoice or purchase order. You can still follow up  abandoners who choose this payment option, by setting an email to be automatically triggered if the order has not been set as complete within 10 days for instance. Perfect for sites selling to businesses.

Thank you for first purchase

The dotMailer Magento Connector allows you to set a triggered email to be sent after a new customer’s first purchase. As well as thanking them for the purchase you could also include an incentive to return and purchase again from your site.

conversion funnel imageReturn on investment tracking

The dotMailer connector installs conversion tracking code for you, so you can see just how much money each of your dotMailer email campaigns is generating in actual online sales.  Every marketer should know their ROI from emails, using the dotMailer Connector with Magento makes this easy.

Give us a call on 0845 337 9170 if you’d like to find out more!

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