Congratulations are in order! @tinktaylor named in top 100 entrepreneurs in the UK

Being a founder is a notoriously stressful burden. Amongst other things it includes assuming a great deal of risk and an element of perseverance so as not to be diverted or discouraged by skepticism from others.

Our co-founder and president, Tink Taylor, took on this burden over 16 years ago when starting the dotdigital group with his business partner Simon Bird. During this time the company has won various awards including a National Business Award, South London Business and Croydon Business Awards, The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, European Business Awards as well as industry awards such as the DMA’s.

Both the business and the dotmailer platform have changed almost unrecognizably since the company’s formation in 1999. However Tink has remained a driving force behind dotmailer’s continued development and commitment to excellence.

Outside of dotmailer, Tink is well known and highly regarded by his industry peers. Tink has promoted email best practice and created links with industry bodies globally. Tink has been an elected member of the UK Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Email Marketing Council, working on the deliverability, best practice and awards committees, and has judged numerous DMA awards over the years. Whilst also working on the Email Council at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and is currently elected as a Member of the Advisory Committee (MAC) of the Email Experience Council (EEC), the email council of the US DMA.

In 2015, dotmailer is the UK’s number 1 email marketing provider, with over 70,000 users in more than 150 countries, and Tink’s continued dedication to the growth and development of dotmailer is a key factor in this success.

As a result of this contribution to the marketing technology industry, we are thrilled to see that Tink has now cemented his place in the UK entrepreneurs top 100. He’s now officially regarded as one of the most influential business founders from the UK, alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Lord Sugar and Victoria Beckham.

Congratulations from all the dotfamily.

We took the opportunity to ask Tink a few questions about the achievement, dotmailer and some advice for any budding young entrepreneurs:

  • In a few words can you sum up the feelings towards the achievement?

Tink: “Of course I am delighted if not a little embarrassed to see my name up there with so many household names. For me this is reward for all of those who have worked at dotmailer over the years.  It is truly fantastic to be recognized for the work we have done and everything we have achieved thus far.”

  •  Can you give any advice to an entrepreneur in your position 16 years ago?

Tink: “We started during the first crash. There were plenty of people at that time before the bubble burst that expected things to come easily. So that would be my first piece of advice, expect to work hard!

Secondly as things grow be adaptable to change. When we were first listed as part of the Deliotte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, we had grown on aggregate 600% over the previous 5 years; some achievement! I recall a conversation with the eventual winner, who gave me some sound advice. “If you are growing fast enough the processes you put in place today may well be out of date tomorrow and will need to be modified. Make sure you and your team accept and adapt to this”. Wise words indeed, especially as his business had ‘only’ grown 32,000% during the same period so he clearly won by a country mile!

Listening to peers has been invaluable. I have immersed myself with other business leaders and other industry experts over the years. We are very lucky in the email world that though day by day we may meet each other in pitches, we are part of a very tight knit community that freely share industry expertise and insight (Many from direct competitor companies). I still participate daily in numerous industry discussions with the leading figure heads in the email world globally. It is great to be so actively involved at the cutting edge, helping to shape this industry. I am also very lucky enough to call them friends.

Furthermore trust your instincts, whilst also giving trust and empowerment to those who work around you. I have often joked that my next hire would be to find someone to delegate my tasks on my behalf. Employ the best you can, a good person is worth ten bad and possibly cheaper hires.”

  •  After 16 years of growing success where do you see dotmailer heading in the future?

Tink: “When we first sat down all those years ago Hotmail had just emerged and become dominant from virtually nothing. Therefore our plan was simple, we wanted to do the same and build a technology that was known and used all over the world.

I am very pleased to see that we are well on our way to achieving this. We are now the biggest in the UK for email marketing automation. We also saw a demand and client base building overseas without physically entering these markets. We gained further confidence when pitching in UK against our overseas competitors. Each time a prospect took time to review the platforms, we won out. This is testament to the great product we have built and continue to enhance. We are now seeing growth of both revenues and brand recognition overseas. We have set up offices in the US and are on our way to Australia to help to build on this further.

In the years to come I look forward to seeing the continuation of our global footprint. As the industry and our platform adapts to the needs of multichannel marketing and with marketing automation continuing to deliver the highest return on investment.

Over the last year, numerous competitors have been acquired for their technologies to ‘close the loop’ and offer a single solution something that is potentially not desirable for numerous marketers. Our former competitors are distracted and their partner networks are left out on a limb. This opens up a gap in the market for us.

dotmailer solves this problem as we integrate into all of these platforms and more. CTOs wishing to upgrade their capabilities aren’t forced to rip out existing technologies and replace them with a single platform, which is a complicated, expensive and lengthy process.  Rather, they install dotmailer as the heart of their automation and link the others to it.  Data flows between platforms and true marketing automation moves their prospects along a highly strategic and optimized purchase journey.  No other platform offers this in such a simple way today. I’m very excited for the future.”

For more information on dotmailer’s history, see our 15th birthday video.

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