Companies Missing Out On Data Capture

I speak to so many clients on a daily basis, that are missing out on the most basic opportunities for data capture.

They tell me that they have a small list and want more data. At this point, I look at their website and nine times out of ten, the form to sign up to the newsletter is tucked away in a nook within the site or,  even worse, they don’t even have one!

Don’t assume people will look for it just because it exists! People have less and less time on their hands and they won’t waste it trying to find your sign up page.

Here are three simple tips to get your newsletter sign up form right:

1. Put the newsletter sign-up link somewhere really obvious on the site; don’t let people search for it.

2. If possible, try and put it on every page of the site for maximum exposure. Your contacts may not necessarily access your site from your home page

3. Make it clear what they are signing up for and give them an incentive to do so

If you are an existing dotMailer client, you can generate the form which will allow your contacts to be added automatically into the dotMailer database. Click here to find out how to do this.

Another effective data capture method being underused is to have a link to your newsletter subscription page in the emails you send out.

If you know that many of your contacts forward your emails to their friends or colleagues, why not take that opportunity to capture the new contact’s details. Something simple in the header will work like: “have you received this email as a forward? If you want to receive this on a regular basis please click here to sign-up”.

And if you are looking for more advice on how to grow your list, we can help!

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