Closing The Loop – How Email Can Bring back Humanity to Marketing

This week, one of the biggest events in the global eCommerce calendar – the Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference – kicks off, in sunny Las Vegas. As we announced last week, dotdigital will be flying the flag as a Diamond Sponsor. Our very own Jonny Dixon, Head of Channel Relationships, will also be presenting in one of the breakout sessions, a subject we hope to be a big conversation starter – humanizing the purchase journey. But what does this mean? Ben Staveley, our head of eCommerce explains.

Given the explosion of both mobile and social into the eCommerce world, one might be inclined to think that the death of human interaction is afoot. Has our friendly corner-store owner who knows his customers by name, their favorite brands as well as the neighborhood gossip, been replaced by analytics and segmentation platforms, crunching ‘big data’? Well, yes. However, we are seeing that today’s conversation in retail is moving away from simple return on investment, to one of a ‘return on relationship’.

This is a huge opportunity that many retail brands are missing out on. At its heart, is a question of environments, ecosystems and expectations.

How do we humanize the digital shopping experience?

Given the standardization of many eCommerce platforms how is a brand’s humanity realized through digital? Well, it should come as no surprise that we feel email marketing automation has an important role to play – the tool that can close the loop between digital and physical. The Direct Marketing Association reported that 60% of consumers had also made a purchase as a result of receiving campaigns, additionally citing that email referrals represented 56.8% of shopping cart traffic, with average ROI for UK eCommerce companies breaking through a whopping 2500%.

Marketing automation can replicate the traditional touch-points of the physical world – starting conversations through newsletters and welcome campaigns; a canvas to create a brand personality; personalization through data segmentation and dynamic content; and being able to listen and use purchase behavior.

However, the tools that we have in the online space allow us to go that little bit further, enhancing the users’ specific digital environment, as well as being able to push footfall back to brick-and-mortar.

It’s difficult to monitor exactly where customers are in the buying cycle – and without sufficient data capture in-store, virtually impossible to actively reengage them.  However, a ‘Post purchase’ automated email campaign, for example – a follow-up to an online purchase, takes customers on a journey, specific to their buying behavior, allowing a brand to easily re-engage at any point.

The Single User View

But how can we achieve this? The first thing needed is a single-customer view, combined with purchase data to help automate the delivery of such campaigns. It sounds like a contradiction in terms – employing automation to further a brand’s humanity. Given the scale of most retail brands’ data lists, the technology offered by the integration of an email service provider and an eCommerce platform such as Magento can help take a big step forward, in personalizing digital experiences based on information such as product interest, average order value. In an instant, we can get a deep and meaningful understanding of a vast population of customers.

Magento, one of the most prolific eCommerce platforms, has an environment which allows retailers to build a tailored, digital shop-front. Buyer personas are realized through its cross-sell and up-sell functions. A product such as Engagement Cloud can then import all historical sell data as well as the native cross-sell/up-sell functions and build segments. These RFM segments then form the basis of simple, yet extensive automation programs, dynamically delivering content and reengaging customers past the point of sale.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re at Imagine this week, be sure to catch Jonny’s presentation where he’ll go into greater depth into how marketers can humanize the digital purchase journey.

Join him at 4.15PM PST on Wednesday May 13, at the Nirvana Track at the Fitness Centre, Hard Rock Hotel. You can also come and meet us in person at Booth 72.

If you can’t join us, worry not as we’ll be live-tweeting highlights from the show. Join us @dotdigital or on the hashtag #dotImagine. If you’d like to learn more about dotdigital’s Magento Integration, watch the demonstration video below:


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