Client News: Cabbages & Roses – Launching success

This week saw one of our clients, Cabbages & Roses, open a new store in the heart of West London. Our Channel and eCommerce Relationship manager, Jonny Dixon, popped down to spread some dotMailer love.

Spring in Chelsea is awesome, and the new Cabbages & Roses store that’s sprouted up is a lovely addition to the row on Sydney Street. We were welcomed by smiles, Prosecco and the biggest wheel of Parmesan I’ve seen. And why not? Cabbages and Roses has a lot to be happy about. Their story is one of growth – remaining steadfast to the brand values that have made them a favourite in the high-end homeware and fashion market.


All too often, growing retail brands end up chasing the checkout transaction – sacrificing what made them unique in exchange for just keeping their heads above water. A trawl through our blog archive will highlight more than one article speaking to the fact that marketers are time-poor – and that goes doubly so for those in the retail sector.

We’ve been able to help Cabbages and Roses build and develop a community around their very unique brand. Automating basic marketing functions has allowed them to retain the very human and ‘local’ touch with their email campaigns. The turnout for the event is testament to that.

You can read more about exactly how the platform has helped the brand in our case study. However, what I really want to talk about is the importance of face-time between service providers and their clients. As we say in many of our seminars, ‘service’ doesn’t finish at the checkout – it’s important that we’re able to maintain close relationships – if something goes wrong, we can be responsive; if something goes right, we want to shout about it.

The face of retail is ever changing – the vast number of service and technology providers exhibiting at events such as next week’s IRX14 speaks volumes to this. We can build integrations, we can deploy cool features – but if you’re not using them, and we’re not addressing your core business concerns, it’s all a moot point. We’re not just here to sell you an app, we’re invested in our users’ long term growth – it’s good for us in the long-run.

We do send out regular emails (of course!) to our huge client list. But we’d love to hear back from you. Let us know about your events, your ideas or anything you’d love us to shout about via your account manager.

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