Marketing trends

dotdigital Hack Week 2020

This is our yearly challenge to our software engineers, product designers, deliverability consultants, and systems administrators to come up with forward-thinking hacks and put them into practice, ready to demo at the end of the week. Not…

2020 in review: From hype cycle to lifecycle

Some of the unmissable highlights from dotdigital Engagement Cloud over the past year.

Social media marketing calendar 2021

Check out all the random social media marketing holidays to shout about in 2021.

Black Friday 2020: Need to know stats

As we ramped up for the busiest sales day of the year, there were a lot of lingering questions about what it was going to look like and how shoppers were going to behave. Now that it’s…

Lifting the lid on AI: What affinity scores mean for marketers

Unlock the secrets of AI with our intelligent product gurus. Understand how affinity scores can help you drive relevant messages that generate revenue.

Why now is the time for interactive email

Our Head of Sales UK introduces the features and benefits of interactive email - a new and engaging way to connect with subscribers in the inbox.

How to send interactive emails

In this fall’s Engagement Cloud release we’re introducing three new ‘interactive email’ templates that can be purchased as a service via our Creative Studio (our unique in-house design and build team). These emails allow contacts to control…

7 ways that AI improves ecommerce in 2020

Discover how AI-powered tools can transform your marketing efforts into effective customer engagement opportunities at scale.

Cart abandonment statistics you need to know

Check out our latest abandoned cart report which is full of cart recovery insights that will help you capture even more revenue this holiday season.

The great B2C and B2B convergence: refining your B2B marketing strategy

Your B2B marketing strategy is even more powerful with B2C tactics at the forefront. Find out how both B2C and B2B are converging to form a winning business formula.

SMS marketing for B2B

Maybe you think it’s unprofessional? Email was once considered informal too, just because it was new – but now it’s the industry standard. And SMS has been around for nearly thirty years now. Just like the Millenials…

5 tips to grow your ecommerce business in preparation for when lockdown lifts

Now, ecommerce has been around for a while. And yet, how to reach customers when they are on lockdown in their homes has been a problem on the minds of businesses everywhere. Well, dotdigital can’t lift lockdown,…

How to integrate ethical practices into your marketing

Why ecommerce brands should focus on ethics What’s all the rage about ethical marketing? Well, consumers are becoming more concerned about how brands and their activities affect people and the planet. One of the reasons they’re becoming…

What is omnichannel, and how you can get there in five steps

This article will explain what omnichannel is, why it’s important, and how you can ensure your brand is set up for omnichannel success. Before we continue, I know it can become confusing to differentiate between omnichannel and…

60% of consumers cite social responsibility as a reason for their brand loyalty

Five in eight consumers who categorize their loyalty to their favorite brand as ‘genuine’, named brand social responsibility as a reason for their loyalty. The Future Trends: Paid-for Loyalty report is part of a broader DMA series…

3 in 10 podcast listeners discover new brands through voice advertising

27% of shoppers that listen to podcasts every week are discovering new brands through voice advertising when they tune in. For marketers, it’s a channel not just to watch, but to start tapping into now. The Future…

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