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Marketing events to inspire your next campaign

dotlive is our free marketing event series designed to give marketers top tips and tricks to get the best results possible from their marketing efforts. For almost 7 years we’ve hosted dotlives to help keep you at…

The only podcast for marketers in 2021

At dotdigital, we’re used to creating content to inspire and empower marketers to engage in smarter, stronger ways. But, as we settled into 2021, we decided we wanted to create something new, something different.   From there we created…

How post-purchase marketing can drive customer delight

Post-purchase marketing can spur continued engagement, lifelong loyalty, and customer delight. In this blog we deliver deeper into the benefits of aftersales marketing.

2021 – 5 New Year’s resolutions for every digital marketer

Find out what you should be doing to improve your digital marketing strategy in 2021 - with our five New Year's resolutions.

10 resources to improve your marketing automation strategy

Don't miss out on all the winning marketing automation strategy content from last month. Make sure your marketing's top-notch this summer.

June round-up: top marketing learning resources

Get your hands on our hottest marketing learning resources from this month.

All the best marketing resources this month

We thought a weekly round-up of marketing resources might be a bit too much, so here’s the first monthly installment. Our aim is to make sure you don’t miss any of the great content we’re releasing. From…