Cart abandonment statistics you need to know

245 million reasons to run an abandoned cart campaign

Abandoned cart campaigns are worth their weight in gold. There really are a lot of reasons to run them, but we can condense those into just one: revenue recovery. After analyzing 9.2 million abandoned carts of our customers, we found they had recovered an incredible $245 million (USD) in revenue in the past year alone.

When we found this out, we wanted to take a look at what our top performers were doing with their abandoned cart campaigns, to provide you with some actionable insight. There were so many amazing customer journey experiences we came across with marketers using dotdigital Engagement Cloud to recover the revenue they would otherwise lose. We analyzed a multitude to surface insights such as: what time of day is optimal to send an abandoned cart campaign, what emotions perform best in your content, and whether there are any key differences across industries to be aware of.

We also took a deeper dive and looked at the abandoned cart campaigns of Virgin Experience Day, Toolstop, and Miss Amara in more detail. All three show unique, striking, and highly successful abandoned cart campaigns. It really is worth taking a look!

With Black Friday around the corner signaling the kick-off of the holiday season, as marketers, we spend a lot of time driving people to our sites. But often it’s the journey after that touch-point that results in a sale. Whether you want to optimize your abandoned cart campaigns, or set one up from scratch, the abandoned cart report we’ve compiled will help you recover more revenue than ever.

Download it here, and start recovering more revenue!

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