Can you grab a Millennial’s attention with email marketing? (written by a Millennial)

Super-connected and super-savvy, Millennials have the perfect disposition for email marketing automation. Tap into this major demographic ASAP through data-driven campaigns.

Millennials: the kids (now adults) who’ve been saturated with advertising and marketing strategy since day zero, and who know every trick in the book. The generation we criticize for their reliance on tech, while simultaneously begging them to help us set up our new smartphones. They’re savvy, they’re demanding and, according to Accenture, they’re on their way to shelling out $1.4 trillion a year – so how do we engage with them?[1]

The assumption might be that a demographic so tuned into social media and its multiple platforms might find email dull or restrictive. In fact, a recent survey from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) found that Millennials spend the most amount of time with email of any age group, and are largely responsible for the 17% increase in time spent with email YoY.[2] This gen carry the digital world in the palms of their hands, all day, every day. Almost every app they download either requires entering an email address or signing in through Facebook/Google (both of which use email). Most of us created our first personal email account in the late 90s so we could use MSN Messenger – not that anyone wants to be reminded of that.

The key takeaway is that email marketing stands as a crucial area of focus for those who want a piece of that healthy Millennial revenue. Companies looking to target gen M need to nurture an email strategy with intelligence at its core.

Two millennials looking at a laptop and a tablet

Functional excellence

A generation that has access to virtual reality, AI, and watches that tell you when to stop eating cake, are proponents of functionality and data-driven engagement. Email marketing automation fits these demands perfectly. Aim to build programs that utilize your data in ingenious ways – for example, Slendertone developed an app to support the use of its toning belts, and fed information gathered from the app back into their data within dotmailer; this allowed them to send targeted emails based on users’ progress.[3] Creating a mutually informative relationship between your data, your apps, and your email automation shows the Millennial that you’re innovative and engaged – time-efficient tech that drives results.

Web-messenger services and on-the-go browsing capabilities have raised millennials as creatures of the instant, and there’s no reason why your email campaigns can’t meet them in the moment. Movable Ink’s agileEMAIL allows you to pull real-time personalization elements, like weather forecasts, local maps, and countdown timers, into your campaigns. Adding live content to your emails could also have a considerable effect on in-store purchases; an average of 89% of millennials surveyed by Accenture said that they would be more likely to frequent stores if they had access to real-time product availability beforehand.[4] And, with email proving the most popular smartphone activity, it goes without saying that all of your content needs to be optimized for mobile.

As with all marketing goals, start small, act fast, and scale quickly. Millennials will appreciate your pace.

Read our case study on dorm décor brand Dormify to find out how their millennial engagement campaign achieved a 92% increase in email revenue.

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