Bursting Digital Marketing Myths

When in-house professionals are slaving away on their digital marketing RFP, a lot of the same preconceptions come up time and time again.

For example:

  • A shiny new website will attract more customers
  • Build a forum and we will get lots of users
  • Lots of community members = sales
  • High search engine position = high sales
  • Increased website traffic converts to more profits
  • PPC is a cheaper alternative to SEO
  • I need to buy more data

People believe they know what the key to success and sales is, and they’re quite genuinely looking for help to make it happen.  However, too often, digital agencies will nod along and promise to fulfil needs without asking that most important question: Why? What are you trying to achieve?

When someone requests a full shiny website overhaul or decides they want a community as part of their site, any responsible consultant should be scrutinising these factors and analysing whether this is really the best advice.  But this isn’t always the way and as a result, quotes can vary wildly and cause comparisons which really aren’t apples for apples. Getting under the skin of what’s actually required is exactly the kind of commitment that should be top of the list when considering your provider – the experts role is to educate and inform, not to take requests at face value without providing value of experience. It’s the right thing to do and it makes business sense for everyone – the more accurate the brief, the happier and more successful the client.

While a lot of this input can be dispensed early on in the process, to really do the issue justice, scoping sessions are often the best way to truly immerse yourself in the problem, objectives and requirements – there really is no replacement for this in depth understanding.

In half a day or so, you can look at past, present and future, considering what has worked and what doesn’t and what the needs of the business really are.  By this point, those preconceptions we mentioned earlier are a distant memory and what dominates is the real task at hand and how to get the results required.

With all this in hand, ROI can’t help but come along sooner rather than later.  If you want to find out more about how we go about this and have us challenge a few of your preconceptions, contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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