Brand New Social Sharing Feature Release For DotMailer

Here’s something we’ve learnt in the dotMailer marketing team in 2011 – integrating social media marketing with your email marketing can make for a very powerful channel.

But it’s also pretty clear from conversations I’ve had with peers and colleagues in the marketing world that not everyone knows where to start when it comes to ‘social email’.

Start right here…

Back at the start, dotMailer was the first ESP to offer trackable social sharing link functionality in email campaigns,  and right now we’re on a mission to help make it even easier for marketers to make their email marketing more social.

This week we released two brand new social sharing features in dotMailer

Here’s a chance for you to catch up on the latest ways you can easily integrate social sharing into your email campaigns, and learn about the 10 steps and 30 best tips for social email success.

New to dotMailer – Drag & Drop Social Sharing Elements

Getting your email content shared by your recipients on their social networks should be a key part of your social email strategy.

With dotMailer’s EasyEditor you can now simply drag and drop trackable social sharing icons anywhere you choose in your email marketing templates.

Jut click and drag the Social Sharing element from the Tools area onto the place you want it in your template.

Then click Edit to select any one of 12 available networks on which dotMailer can share and track your email.

dotMailer automatically creates social sharing icons in your email campaign.

These enable recipients to share your email on their social networks and enables you to track the number of views by campaign and social network.

Use dotMailer’s Social Share reporting to identify the best performing social networks links to include in your campaigns.

New to dotMailer – ‘Share Your Campaign’ functionality

As marketers, we all work hard to build up social networks for our own organisations.

So dotMailer now makes it super-easy for you to share an email campaign you’ve just sent, onto your your organisation’s social networks too (or indeed to your own social networks).

Once you’ve sent an email campaign in dotMailer, you’ll  get taken to the Overview screen. Here you’ll find new Social Sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Now you can quickly and easily share your campaigns onto your own social media pages and drive even more social reach.

Plus, by using dotMailer’s new campaign sharing buttons your campaign is posted with tagging codes that lets you track social network views of your campaigns in dotMailer’s reporting section.

10 key steps and over 30 bullet-proof tips for creating red-hot Social Email Marketing

We’ve put together one of our most popular How To Guides ever, to help marketers successful integrate social with email.

You can download our free whitepaper: The 10 essential steps to successful
social email marketing by clicking here

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