Maintaining brand consistency across channels

We talk a lot about the benefit of using multiple channels at Comapi. After all, we are an omnichannel provider, and know how much an omnichannel approach can add value to any business. But there are many things you can do in order to wring the most value as possible out of that approach. And the number one place to start is brand consistency. Here are three quick ways you can achieve this.

1. Consider the humble style guide

Even if you are a content and communications operation of one, the style guide is still a great for any company. Should you ever recruit or (heaven forbid) move on, it will immediately help keep the business’ tone of voice consistent. We all know consistency is the cornerstone of brand. For larger teams, perhaps with floors of customer service agents, it’s an unspeakably valuable document. It enables a myriad of voices to become one – the voice of your company. This will embolden the customer experience, and cement your brand in the customer’s mind.

2. Remember that brand consistency should be omnipresent 

Whether you are sending a tweet, an email, a letter or a push notification – if it’s from the company, not only should it all be on-brand, you should view it all as an opportunity to be on-brand. Be creative with your content and communication to ensure that even an SMS could be recognised as your business if the customer wasn’t aware of the sender (which wont happen of course, with unique sender IDs available!).

3. Use Chat software (or integrate into your own communication platform) to help manage conversations holistically

Managing your interactions with customers across the various channels will be key to offering consistency. This is because your agents will be able to see the whole picture of the conversation. They’ll know want not to repeat. They will see how a customer has responded to a particular tone. They’ll understand why an agent before them has handled a query a particular way. But all of this is only possible with a centralised data store of customer data, for example, in the form of Profiles.

Want to go omnichannel in minutes? Arrange to speak with one of our experts.

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