Boost your delivery rates with the dotmailer drones

Emails that bounce are no longer the end of the road: we can now attempt to deliver your message again with a dotmailer drone.

Bounce today, fly tomorrow

You’ve often told us how annoying you find soft bounces. And we get it: you come so close to delivering an email, but fall at the last hurdle.

We sat down to figure this out. How could we get email through to contacts when their inbox is full? Or your message was too large?

“What about if the answer isn’t email?” we thought. “What if we delivered the campaign another way?”

And so with the use of some blue-sky thinking, the dotmailer drones were born. Over the past six months, we’ve amassed a small and totally non-sinister army of flying delivery machines, housed in key strategic locations around the world, and beyond.

Each is known as an Airborne Postal Redeliverer v1 (or APR1), and on average they can get an email to any dotmailer contact, no matter where they are, in just 44 minutes.

Which is lucky, as they tend to run out of juice not long after that.

Open tracking with wings

Because you’ll want to know who’s opening your deliveries, drones will always hover above your contacts videoing them as they read your content.

We then make these videos available to you indefinitely, so you can compare open reactions across all your contacts forever.

There’s even a publish to YouTube option, so you can share your contacts opening and reading your emails with your friends and relatives.

Real-life split testing

Just because you’re delivering your campaign by drone doesn’t mean you want to lose out on the power of split testing. Which is why we always print every version of a split test, and deliver them all to your contacts.

Using the video opening tracking, you’ll be able to see first hand which version they preferred.

From automation to flytomation

It’s also possible to utilize the dotmailer drones in your automation programs – just drag in the drone building block onto the drone-receiving canvas.

For example, when a contact unsubscribes you could fly over a sad-face emoji to show how it hurts. Or when a new contact subscribes, you could drone their details over to your CRM team to input them right away (no more integrations required!)

Because no one has ever unsubscribed from a drone

Tests have so far shown that emails delivered by drone have a far lower unsubscribe rate than those delivered electronically – proving once again that ‘physical’ is better than ‘virtual’.

However, should a contact decide that they do wish to unsubscribe, they can fill in the form sent with every delivery. The drone will then deliver this back to you to complete the unsubscribe. We acknowledge this is perhaps more manual than you may expect, but hey, we’re delivering with drones. We encourage you to concentrate on the drones.

It’s all perfectly safe

Because printed emails are inherently very light, on the off-chance a dotmailer drone drops one of your deliveries, it almost certainly won’t hurt anyone.

They also don’t fly that high, all things considered, so airplanes probably won’t hit them.

How it works

If you’re a dotmailer customer, you’re used to amazing tech (we’re referring to dotmailer there, if that wasn’t clear). But because this is perhaps more amazing than normal, we’ve got this handy print-out-and-keep-forever guide that explains the process. It’s all very simple:


Get ready for take-off

Get a flying start on your rivals by sending us email on and we’ll get someone in our Drone Outreach Team (comprised of our high-flying colleagues Roan Pile and Dearer Shore Tenonour) to contact you within two shakes of a drone’s tail.

Blog notes

  • Drones do not guarantee delivery of… well, pretty much anything.
  • Drones may not be cost effective for your business (but email probably is!)
  • Unsubscribe rates can rise as well as fall.
  • Some drones are real. These ones probably aren’t.

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