Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Ready for the aftermath?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping periods are the two highest web traffic times of the year.

The massive surge in people online looking for deals presents an unmissable money-making opportunity for ecommerce businesses. But it’s not just a chance for sales, it’s an opportunity to create customers later down the line.

But how do you do it? Think about post ‘crazy period’ marketing. High levels of traffic mean high levels of abandonment, and these are the people to target. We’ve outlined four actions you can take to ensure you use the post sales window effectively and keep your buyers interested in to the New Year.

1. Segment your data

Group the people who have clicked on your emails or have browsed your site, but haven’t yet made a purchase. From this group you can create a ‘one last chance’ offer a few days after to tempt them back to your site. A personalized subject line that reminds them of the interactions they made with your brand is a good way to capture your audience.feature1

2. Cart abandonment

Take advantage of that ‘missed opportunity’ feeling. Run Black Friday-branded special abandonment emails. Can you offer an incentive if you don’t normally? This could be a good way to claw back any sales you lost on the big day. What’s more, you could include related product recommendations if the product they were after has now sold out.

3. Browse abandonment

If you know someone was spending lots of time looking around the site by duration or number of pages viewed, follow up with an email. Use the data to send product recommendations reminding them of what they looked at, particularly if it was a specific range. Some people may not be after anything specific, so could be browsing for gifts. Why not put together an email pulling in your top-selling products for some inspiration?


4. Christmas

Black Friday is a time when consumers are looking to bag deals for festive gifts. So it makes sense to use the data you’ve collected from your site and emails for the remainder of the holiday period. Try creating an advent calendar campaign to build excitement. Our Creative Services team can help you get this set up.


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