Behind every great bit of marketing is great data

Marketing without data is like a letter with no address thrown directly out of an open window (it’s not going to work). But how do you wrangle all that data and use it to supercharge your marketing efforts? Three little words: single customer view.

At, we spend a lot of time thinking about data. And we mean a lot. So when the good folks at dotdigital asked us to pen a few words on the topic, we couldn’t resist…

Yes, and you are?

How rude of us. We’re, a customer data platform that allows marketers (that’s you!) to pull all your customer data from all your tools and all your channels together into a single customer view. That’s right, unlocks that single customer view that remains elusive for too many businesses – unified, holistic data. Everything that you know about your customers across all your channels and devices, across all your internal systems – all in one place ready to be activated. Now that all your data is in one place and right at your fingertips, lets you make it available to any of your customer touchpoints. Then, you can push it into a powerful customer engagement platform like dotdigital, transforming your data into smart marketing campaigns your customers will love…

Sounds perfect. I’m sold.

But we haven’t even got to the good bit! Here’s how it works:

So, you’ve got your customer insights locked, loaded, and in the right format for your tool or channel. Time to create the kinds of bespoke customer experiences that delight your audiences and drive revenue and ROI.

But… how? How do you get from all that first party data (the live info you hold about your customers) to solid-gold marketing genius?

For starters, you create that single customer view we talked about, using a customer data platform like And from there? Well, the possibilities are endless…

As a marketer you want to know who’s who – our platform helps you do that and more.

Your new and existing contacts  expect (often demand) only the most relevant content to be delivered to them. Your message should mean something to them. Analyzing and segmenting your data in the right way  keeps people engaged with your brand, saving you countless unsubscribes.

The benefits of single customer view

Let’s take a look at how this works and the benefits to you:

Finding out who can’t get enough of your product and who’s at risk of unsubscribing for good helps to maximize your engagement. You can nurture your engaged subscribers along the buying cycle, while curating tailored content designed to win back lapsing contacts.

• Every brand needs to be consistent in their messaging. Find out what channels your contacts prefer, then engage with them holistically, whether via email, SMS, social, website – or anywhere else.

• Slice and dice your customer lists to identify who likes what, then deliver them  their favourite content. Why not go one step further and recommend what they’re most likely to buy next.

• Engagement can vary from channel to channel. Luckily you can see which channels are best at bringing in new customers, and which ones your regulars rate. This helps you to focus, and drive the right message to the right person on the right channel.

• Unlock hidden metrics and get creative with how you group and target customers. Take dwell time: you can work out which customers act on impulse and which ones like to do their homework before making a purchase. Or you could split by geo-location. We’ve seen open rates jump by 20% when you personalize based on where customers are. 

• Analyzing customers based on their spend value and frequency can also help your team maximize sales and ROI through better targeting. Really reward your superstars, so they buy and spend more with you, while picking  out the customers you can afford to lose.

Building a more joined-up journey, one full of personalized experiences, can ramp up engagement and make your customers even stickier. It’s super-easy to create and scale these bespoke customer experiences.

Simply supercharge your dotdigital tools with great data and a single customer view.

Check out your options at

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