Become A Test Pilot For DotMailer’s Brand New Drag & Drop Query Builder

Want to be one of the very first dotMailer users to start benefiting from our brilliant new drag & drop data query builder tool?

We’re looking for dotMailer email marketers who want to help us test-pilot this exciting new dotMailer feature.

What’s the story?

Our mission at dotMailer is to keep on developing an email platform that makes the tough stuff easy for marketers .

Because we don’t think you should have to ask or pay out for help to do clever stuff with your email marketing.

You should be able to do it yourself, easily and enjoyably.

Drag, drop, done

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last year developing our drag & drop template editor, which I’m glad to say you love, because it makes the tricky parts of template editing, really really easy.

So next, you asked us to turn our attention to making it just as easy to build data queries so you can segment your data base and send more targeted and effective email campaigns.

The challenge

So many marketers don’t make the most of the data they have on their customers and prospects, or don’t make an effort to collect more of this data – simply because they don’t think there’s much they can do with it when they have it.

We want dotMailer users to be different!

We want all our fellow marketers be able to drill down deep into your data, pull out your most profitable or most relevant groups for a specific campaign, and run complex data extracts that give you email lists with the exact customer profiles you want to target.

So we set out to create a query builder tool that would enable you to do all this, with no query writing knowledge or skills at all.  And that’s exactly what we’ve created, with our brand new drag & drop query builder.

Tell us what you think

dotMailer’s new drag & drop query builder is released this week in closed Alpha, and we’d like a group of current dotMailer users to come on board as test pilots, try the tool out and give us your feedback.

This is a great opportunity to get our new query builder tool before anyone else, and to play a key part in shaping the final version so it meets your needs.

If you fancy being a part of this then just fire us this form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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