Bad luck Dads – Mums are getting all the sugar!

With Valentine’s Day behind us, the next big date in the retailer’s calendar is Mother’s Day. For marketers, this occasion offers a great chance to tug on the heart strings and remind dads and kids that Mum deserves a treat. Indeed, recent research suggests it’s a date retailers can’t afford to take lightly.

According to research from, people in the UK spend an average of £30 on Mother’s Day cards and gifts such as flowers, chocolates and cosmetics (over double the UK spend on Father’s Day)! In the US, Mother’s Day spending outstrips Father’s Day gifting by 41% (according to the Wall Street Journal).

Enough of the flowers and chocs already!

So while there’s definitely money to be made, we would argue that most brands underestimate the appeal of their products to the Mother’s Day gift market.

While marketers are getting more sophisticated all the time as they uncover an ever richer understanding of their customers, some seasonal mile-markers seem to have missed out on the ‘reboot’ and still see mountains of corny, one-size-fits-all offers.

Let’s not forget, mothers may all have one thing in common, but they’re also unique individuals with all of the peculiar interests, desires and ambitions that make us all such interesting and diverse people.

Some interesting research survey by website reports some unexpected findings: Of over 1,000 mums surveyed, the most wanted gifts broke down as follows:

● Tech gadget: 31%
● No gift: 16%
● Food / restaurant: 16%
● Flowers: 13%
● Service: 9%
● Other: (Jewellery: 7%, entertainment: 3%, home decor: 3%, clothes: 2%)



No surprise there, you might argue: the engaged female audience are already tech-savvy – but the message is clear: Mother’s Day is no longer about flowers and chocolate.

For Mother’s Day, coupons are king!

The same survey reveals that, while average US spend is creeping up towards the $50 mark, 81% of those polled said they would be looking for a coupon or discount when purchasing their gift.

So if you’re not already running a coupon offer for your most engaged customers, why not use the Mother’s Day sales season to launch a coupon campaign and see how it can electrify your sales numbers and AOVs?

Swap out your gender segmentation to deliver some thoughtful gift ideas

Another trick for fashion and cosmetics brands is to reverse your usual gender-based marketing. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, why not try hitting your male audience with female-oriented products, with plenty of gift ideas sprinkled throughout, and a coupon or discount campaign to add extra appeal?

Need help implementing a strategy for Mother’s Day? Get in touch to let us know how our Creative Services team can help.

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