Posts by Tamara Bond

Google outage: how dotdigital mitigated the effects on customers

Find out how dotdigital responded to Google's unprescidented outage this week.

Deliverability: where’s my email?

It's that time of year again - peak sending! dotdigital delivery operations manager Tam Bond gives her top tips on how to avoid delays this holiday season.

Deliverability: let’s talk about Gmail

Gmail has some of the best features and filters for users that make their inbox super easy to operate and understand. And yet marketers seem mystified by gmail and often find themselves coming up against challenges. While…

Avoiding spam traps and other revenue risks

Deliverability risk alert: We get it – the c-level execs are clamoring for bigger databases and more potential customers to squeeze some revenue from. The temptation to send a quick, cheeky email to that list from 2016…