Around The World In 300 Million Emails

Last month, a young Facebook intern made a name for himself by releasing a striking visualisation of the world’s relationships mapped as interactions.

If you’re a dotMailer Enterprise user, you’re probably aware of the awesome heatmap feature which shows where contacts are opening their email anywhere in the world. We’re pretty proud of this one, as you can easily and intuitively target people by region.

While relaxing after a big Christmas feast the other day, I began to wonder about dotMailer’s reach around the world. We already know we have thousands of clients in all part of the global, sending in every language from Chinese to Arabic.

I’ve been part of the team since we launched the latest and greatest version 4, watching (and helping) it grow with new features every month but it struck me that I’ve only ever seen heatmaps for single accounts. So I decided to have a play around in the system…

I delved into the database, grabbing the last 300 million opens to look at,. After a little while learning the intricacies of programming mapping systems and several hours of render time, my machine finally coughed up the following – something we’ve entitled:

“Around the world in 300 million email opens”


It’s fantastic to see the product we’ve put so much time into blossom from a few clients to the huge worldwide reach it enjoys today. In 2011, we’ve plenty more brilliant features on their way (more details coming soon on this blog) and might even throw in some more visualisations like this one.

Let us know what you think or if you’ve cranked out any decent visualisations from your own email data. Otherwise, expect another of these after 300 million more.

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