Are You Ready For Black Friday? If Not, Here’s Our Checklist

black friday imageBut first of all Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season, when people get their last pay packet before Christmas and can start their Christmas shopping in earnest.

For the past couple of years, online shopping has peaked on particular days in the run up to Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving is particularly busy, known as Black Friday. It’s not just the US however.

growth of shoppers online during black friday weekend

Amazon’s Black Friday Lightning Deals last year were snapped up by millions customers eager to take advantage of the early Xmas present money saving deals brought to them. With up to 80% off, it’s no wonder why.

13 billion pounds is expected to be spent online in the run up to Christmas online. A quarter of Brits are expected to do all their shopping online, peak times are lunch times when shoppers are browsing on their lunchtimes. 12% of sales are expected to come this year from mobile phones, expected to be worth £1.64 billion.

You too can get on the Black Friday phenomenon.

Here’s our checklist to do TODAY

  • Ensure your hosting provider is warned and is prepared for the rise in traffic
  • Promote the offers on your homepage and landing pages.
  • Make sure your offers are clear and easily understood – shoppers are frenetic
  • Clearly show why shoppers should by from you, (your USPs)
  • Promise before Xmas delivery (and make sure you can and do)
  • Consider offering a gift wrapping service – great up-sell at checkout
  • Increase and update your PPC budget to attract shoppers who are looking for deals
  • Highlight your email sign up and tell them why they should sign up – returning customers will make you even more money in 2012
  • Most importantly – get a marketing email out to your database TODAY and another one scheduled for tomorrow with your offers

If tomorrow is a bit soon for you, make sure you’re up and ready for the Monday after Black Friday (Nov 28th this year) and the 2nd Monday in December – both big online shopping days. The same checklist applies.

Wishing you a prosperous Christmas online trading period.