Apple uses The Force to awaken our email

Ok, to be precise, ‘3D Touch’ - the new way to interact with the latest Apple iPhone 6s range. Once again Apple have applied their keen eye for detail and user experience (UX).  Unlike Microsoft, they have applied this across the board with the same care and attention to their email offering.

If you managed to tune into Apple’s keynote speech last Thursday you will have witnessed some great innovations with some awesome features on show.  Oh and of course the awkward rock out to One Republic from Tim Cook and the Apple crew.  However, as a keen creative and email marketeer, my eyes were firmly fixed on the innovations coming through for mobile email. Straight to social, I was eager to share my thoughts. Let’s just say its going to be a game changer. Read on to find out why.



Until now your mobile email engagement and opens mostly hinged on a subject line and the small pre-header snippet within your inbox.  If the subject line intrigued you or you generally like receiving (X) type of email from (X) brand,  you would click on the email, open up a new page in app, digest its content and act on call to actions.



If the subject line didn’t appeal to you or you are not a religious opener of (X) type of email, you could easily rid this from your inbox with one simple swipe to the left or right depending on platform.  A fantastic and easy way to clear out any emails not of interest; in fact I have already used this feature 10 times today.

We find ourselves in a fast paced digital world where quick and easy user features such as these have become a necessity.  It’s shame that often great offers, creative stories, inspired design or potential insight has been missed just because something of interest wasn’t mentioned at inbox level to the user.

Well, that is until now.  Apple’s ‘3d touch’ allows readers to simply press into the subject line, peeking into the potential email creative and copy inside.  It’s very similar to the force touch feature on the Apple Watch and the new MacBooks which I tend to use quite a lot.  A cheeky peek is sometimes all that is required to save a whole host of UX frustrations …and the peek feature on the new phone looks even more intuitive.



From here you can apply more pressure to the touch, pressing deeper to open the email in full.  When opened you will see the email as standard with all normal scroll functionality, however the same peek actions will be applied throughout the email with links etc:



Alternatively you can use other actions like push upwards for flag, reply, mark, notify etc.  Drag left to simply mark as read, or right to delete from inbox:



The above visuals tell us that the email at this point is still unread in the inbox, however the copy within the prime real-estate can be read with ease and the attached images render fully.  We will of course need to do further research into open tracking, responsive structure, animations and real time content on peek.  But from what we can see here, it’s once again another major reason to get your prime real-estate optimized and looking great.  Once we have had a full chance to test we will release another blog with our findings on the above; plus keep an eye out for our blogs, guides and cheat sheets on putting together great creative, optimized layout and stimulating content.

In 2014 Apple sold a record 4 million phones in 24 hours; odds on this year will be bigger.  My future prediction is others will follow suit… Over time open rates will drop, but true engagement, ROI and click through will rise. Loja accommodation  Just like a newspaper folded on a newsstand, I’m sure that if you already have inspiring above-fold creative with relevant content, optimized layout and striking headlines you will gain from this inbox shake up.

Things are going to get really interesting around here, so if you feel that your current emails don’t hit the mark, it’s time to get your email creative and copy in order.  The dotmailer team can help with this.

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