We’ve Added Awesome To Our API

We’ve had an API as part of the dotdigital product for many years, and it has proved really popular with a broad spectrum of our users. From multinational corporations who’ve built large custom integrations, all the way down to smaller businesses who just need to sync a few pieces of data regularly, it seemed to be suiting a lot of people’s requirements. And of course, it’s enabled our own internal teams to build some world-class connectors.

So why on earth are we launching a brand new one?

Version 2.0 of our API brings some really great improvements:

  • A totally brand new REST API, to complement our newly updated SOAP API. Whatever your preference, it’s now fully supported with two great feature-equal APIs.
  • Easier security and authentication – instead of passing credentials directly in each API call, we now support HTTP Basic Access Authentication instead.
  • A much more generous API limit. V1 is limited to 15,000 API calls per day – V2 lets you use up to 2000 calls per hour (for a total of 48,000 per day).
  • Future compatibility – we’ve made it easier to release updates as and when we build the next best thing!
  • A bit of a tidy up – everything’s had a bit of spit and polish to make it that bit easier to use.
  • And more, so much more. Support for WADL, Chrome Postman for testing, HTTP method overriding for PUT/DELETE operations…

It’s live, right now, at http://api.dotdigital.com and we’d love to hear what you think.

But what does this mean for V1 users? Absolutely nothing – you can continue to use V1 of the API, and nothing will change. However, when you see what’s on offer in the newest release, we think you’ll be keen to get integrated as soon as possible. You can even use both at the same time to enable a gradual and smooth migration. Oh, and just a heads-up – new features will be prioritised for release within the V2 API, and it’s unlikely that we’ll add any more functionality to V1.

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