Announcing new integration with Shopify Flow

So you’re all set for the festive season. You and your team have been planning this for weeks now - some of you have been planning for months. You're so prepared that you can now breathe, relax, and monitor your KPIs calmly while the busiest season of the year is off to a flying start. Have I got it right? Course not!
There’s not a single minute to spare for marketers – especially this time of year. When we talk to our customers about their main obstacles, there’s one challenge comes up time and time again – time!
What if you could get some of your precious hours back? What if you could take full control of the data held in your ecommerce platform and automate some of the tedious tasks you need to perform on a regular basis in order to be successful? What if you could automate these recipes in order to run your ecommerce and marketing platform better together and on autopilot? 
Have I got your attention? Keep on reading.

What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is the ecommerce automation tool from Shopify available to all Shopify Plus merchants. Flow was designed to let you easily automate and offload manual tasks and business processes within your ecommerce store. As a merchant, you can quickly devise three-step workflows by selecting a trigger (something happening in your store), applying conditions and eventually automating actions.
For example, this can be: Tag a customer as VIP as soon as they spend at least $100.

Engagement Cloud’s connector for Shopify Flow

Not only does Shopify Flow allow you to react and run actions happening within your store, but you can also extend its native automation functionalities with actions and triggers that are built by Shopify apps you use every day to run your business. These extensions are called Shopify Flow Connectors. You don’t need to set up anything in addition to your existing plug-and-play apps. As soon as a tech you use creates a connector, it will appear automatically in Shopify Flow, ready for you to use. 
We’re delighted to announce our first Shopify Flow action available to all Engagement Cloud for Shopify users: Add to marketing program.
More than just an action, it is a way to build bridges between your ecommerce automation and your marketing automation systems. 
Every business process created in Shopify can be used as an entry point to a relevant Engagement Cloud program, ready to trigger a chain of marketing actions such as sending an email, triggered SMS, push notification, Facebook messenger, etc. In turn, this means you can better segment your customers, reward your most valuable segments or engage with them through an entirely different channel like Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram. 
Additionally, our AIpowered product recommendation builder and our unique coupon code feature can also be used to drive more revenue back to your store, right from an automation program.
“Engagement Cloud’s new connector provides endless possibilities to automate engaging customer experiences. With their omnichannel approach to marketing programs, brands can now create targeted, relevant experiences based on behavior from any other app or solution that works with Flow.”
Anthony Kentris, Product Marketing Manager at Shopify Plus

Unlocking engaging marketing programs

So what exactly does the Engagement Cloud’s connector for Flow allow you to build? You can use it as the glue between your Shopify store, Engagement Cloud and any other Plus apps that work with Flow. The possibilities are near endless. Not to mention, having two of your most important tools talk to each other can only bode for bigger, better things – in line with both marketing and commercial objectives. Here are a handful of examples that are likely to help you save tons of time – what’s more, you can download these as flow templates and import them into your store:
  • When a customer places a second order, send a coupon code via their preferred channel (SMS, email or Facebook Messenger) (⬇️ download template)
  • When a large refund is requested, enroll the customer onto a win-back program (⬇️ download template)
  • After an order has been fulfilled, send a personalized triggered email with the tracking info
Now, let’s layer other Flow Connectors you may already be working with on top:
  • Customer birthday is in seven days on Loyalty lion, set a trigger to send a birthday coupon code via a push notification in Engagement Cloud  (⬇️ download template)
  • Enroll customers onto an Engagement Cloud “VIP program” after Persosa serves them a personalized on-site experience 
  • A 1* review is submitted on, send contact to customercare program(⬇️ download template
  • When a pre-order is created via Pre-order, enroll the customer onto your welcome program (⬇️ download template

Getting started

Already syncing your Shopify Plus account with Engagement Cloud and a Flow user? You’re good to go and will now see the Engagement Cloud connector appear as an action when creating a workflow. For more information on setting up your first workflow using the Engagement Cloud action, read our simple step-by-step guide here
If you’re syncing your Shopify Plus account with Engagement Cloud but not familiar with Flow – install the Shopify Flow app.
Got a Shopify account but not syncing it with Engagement Cloud yet? Talk to us to learn more about the benefits of doing so.
Stay tuned and keep an eye on Flow as we will be adding more value-adding, time-saving actions very soon.

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