An Email Designer’s Quick Fix Guide To The Current Symbol Rendering Issues In Hotmail


I’ve written this blog in response to the many people who have asked us here at dotMailer about the recent changes to Hotmail which have caused some special characters to not render properly in web browsers.

On first sight it looks like the ASCII code used to insert the copyright symbol (© ©), registration symbol (® ®), and trade symbol (™ ™) is losing all formatting.

But on closer inspection it transpires that Hotmail is replacing these symbols with the ‘Hotmail Emoticons ’.

Here’s an easy quick fix guide to help with the current ‘Emoticons’ issues.

The code below has been tested to work with the dotMailer Easy Editor.


Step 1

Open the Html window within the Easy Editor.


Step 2

Place this code into the head of your Html.

/* symbol fix size 1 */
.symbol1 img{width:10px !important;height:10px !important;}
/* symbol fix size 2 */
.symbol2 img{width:11px !important;height:11px !important;}
/* symbol fix size 3 */
.symbol3 img{width:12px !important;height:12px !important;}


Step 3

Wrap the symbol or ASCII text with this code.

<font class=”symbol1″>©</font>
<font class=”symbol1″>&copy;</font>



Three sizes have been setup to work well with your various web safe fonts and sizes, please see charts below for reference.

You can also find reference below to the working ASCII symbols in comparison to the broken copyright, registration and trade symbols.

Symbol size 1: class=”symbol1″
Symbol size 2: class=”symbol2″
Symbol size 3: class=”symbol3″


Additional Info

The Hotmail ‘Emoji’ icons are transparent Gif images so be careful when rendering on dark background colours.

Here’s how it renders on iPad.

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