AccountInsight: your own custom dotmailer database

By now y’all know how to personalize dotmailer emails and landing pages based on items your contacts have browsed and purchased. But how about the items they haven’t purchased, or places they haven’t visited? Let’s take a look at using AccountInsight data to create emails with content from your own custom catalog.

Our latest major release included powerful advanced personalization using Liquid mark-up. But what may have gone unnoticed is that we also included a new form of data storage to power your email content: AccountInsight.

Insight data is your very own database inside dotmailer, taking you beyond the flat table of data fields. With Insight data you store documents of data against contacts that represent purchases, or website visits, or cinema trips, or vehicles services, or anything. The data and the schema are up to you.

Diagram: Insight data are additional data documents beyond your basic data fields

All of these data examples, however, are related to something a contact does. But AccountInsight allows you to store and create content based on data not associated to a contact. offshore centre This enables you to have data powered email content based on your catalog or directory, all created in dotmailer.

Travel example: Why resort to formatting every destination?

In the example given by Ben in our latest personalization webinar, a list of holiday resorts are saved as AccountInsight data. Emails and landing pages can then be created with lists of destinations powered by this data.

This means:

  • By keeping the catalog data up to date, all emails and landing pages are instantly updated
  • You don’t need to reformat your content for every destination: it’s automatically done for you based on formatting it for your first resort

Not only that, by combining with other preference information, the list of resorts can be tailored to include or exclude resorts based on previous holidays by your contacts; or based on their website search history. And the emails can all be formatted using our personalization tools to display the most appropriate pricing and resort information for each of your contacts.

Screenshot: Create one block for your resort data and it is replicated for each resort in your emails and landing pages

Business-to-business example: Staff directory

It’s not just things you can buy that you might want to list. Using AccountInsight you could also include in your emails lists of people – be they account managers, support staff, content writers, or anyone your customers might come into contact with.

In the screenshot here we’ve stored a list of account managers, so for each recipient the content will include a headshot and contact details for their own account manager, along with details of a selection of other team members.

Screenshot: By storing account manager data, you get access to the data fields in our email and landing page editors

Ecommerce example: Catalog sync

If you use our industry leading Magento connector, you’ll find a data sync that can be done at the touch of a button. Your catalog of products can be instantly synchronized into dotmailer. This means you can have landing pages which are always up to date with the latest products in your store, and personalized based on which items your customers have and have not already purchased.

Not a Magento user? Your data sync may take more than a couple of clicks, but don’t worry, our team are on hand to help you out with your data synchronization.

Screenshot: Your Magento catalog is automatically synchronized to dotmailer

If you want to try out advanced personalisation using AccountInsight, give us a call and we’ll be able to discuss enabling it on your account or trial.

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