Abandoned carts, your way

With most industry stats indicating that over 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned, we wanted to put the power and control of recovering these carts into your hands.

Our abandoned carts offering combines the tracking power of WebInsight, the flexibility of EasyEditor and the complete control of our program builder to ensure you can send customized cart recovery messages to your shoppers via the channel that suits them.

All of the control, none of the constraints


Because our abandoned carts module takes advantage of our recently launched advanced personalization to display your shoppers’ cart contents, you get complete design and control of every part of your message in EasyEditor, ensuring the emails that get sent are to your satisfaction.

And not only do we give you control of the message, but we also put the channel and the cadence in your hands. Utilizing our program builder to manage the automation behind our abandoned carts means the sky really is the limits. With branching, sampling, channel extensions and other dotmailer actions at your fingertips, you’ll find endless ways to improve your ROI.

Big Brother or big returns?


With WebInsight powering the tracking of your shoppers, our abandoned carts module puts you a step ahead in recovering their carts. Whether you’ve already told us who they are, or they’ve clicked from one of your dotmailer campaigns, we use this information to identify the shopper and luckily for you we never forget them. It means that even if a shopper doesn’t make it to the checkout process in future visits, we have all the information we need to enroll them into your abandoned cart program.

All aboard the recovery cart!

Tips to engage with your IT director.

We want to ensure you get the best results from implementing abandoned carts in the quickest time possible, and that’s why we assist you in getting going with our abandoned carts module onboarding service.

To ensure your tracking code is implemented and tested, that your automation program is set up, and that you have a beautifully designed and built abandoned cart email – these are the goals of our onboarding service. So please rest assured that, when in the capable hands of our client services team, you will be seeing the amazing returns of your abandoned cart program in no time at all.

If you’re interested in implementing abandoned carts on your website, have a look at our support documentation to check whether our solution is right for you. If so, give your account manager a call and they’ll be more than happy to assist you in talking about next steps.

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