A Unique New Reporting Feature In DotMailer

By Cliff Guy

dotMailer Enterprise now includes a powerful new reporting tool that enables you to mine your reporting data even deeper, and profile those who are opening and clicking through your email marketing campaigns.

Now you can get an even clearer, more detailed picture of how different segments within your database behave and respond to your campaigns, analysing the behaviour of your recipients by:

  • The address books they are in
  • The segmentation queries they are in
  • The dynamic content they are shown
  • Any single of group of variables that exist in your database

With dotMailer’s new reporting tool, you can for example:

  • Find out the contact details of all those in a specific address book who opened your email, and send them a highly targeted follow-up
  • Build a segmentation query to define the profile of your top spending clients, then pull a report on all those who match that profile and clicked through from your last email. Then follow them up with a lucrative ‘upsell’ call.

Compare filtered reporting data, in a side-by-side view

Now, using dotMailer’s campaign performance comparison reporting, you can compare the performance of multiple campaigns, side by side, then drill down to compare performance according to recipient profiles and dynamic content, e.g:

  • Compare, side by side, the response rates generated by different blocks of dynamic content within your email campaign, and use your findings to create super-performing dynamic content

See an example here.

For a walk-through of this eye-opening new reporting tool, speak to your Account Manager on 020 8662 2762 or contact us.