A Roundup Of Some Awesome Features And Tools We’ve Added To @DotMailer In The Last 6 Months

Think back if you will, to 6 short months ago…

… when the Summer was laid out before us.

Like the midday hour of a long hot Saturday, it felt shimmering and special and ours for the taking.

And we basked in warm anticipation of the Saturday night to come, knowing the afternoon sun would lazily pass its golden baton to the evening breeze.

Or then again, it was probably raining!

Either way, these last 6 months have pretty much flown by.

So I thought this a good time to pause, and give you a round-up of some of the awesome, time-saving features we’ve added to dotMailer in the last 6 months alone. So here goes:

1. All new Image Manager

We set out to make uploading, organising and deleting images in the dotMailer image library as easy as you wanted it to be.  The result – the snappiest image manager of any email platform you’ll find.
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2. New ‘Drag & Drop’ dynamic content builder

We enabled users to drag dynamic content straight into their templates for editing, making it even easier to define and create powerful, rule-based, targeted content. This is how you drive up your ROI.
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3. The latest release of our unique ‘Drag & Drop’ template editor

This month we released the very latest version of our drag & drop template editor – now even simpler and faster with a streamlined design and up to twice the speed.  Read more »

4. New integrations

Over the last 6 months we’ve launched best-in-class dotMailer email marketing integrations for Salesforce, Iris, and Microsoft Dynamics 2011. Find out more »

5. New, improved Inbox Preview tool including mobile device previews

In October we launched our new Inbox testing tool, powered by Litmus, returning faster test results and including mobile devices. Read more »

6. Automated campaign approval and workflow feature

No need to worry about which campaigns you or your boss needs to sign off. dotMailer now takes care of this process for you. Read more »


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