A Powerful Dynamic Content Feature So New, It’s Still Got That Plastic Film On…

If your business is ecommerce or multi-line online selling, then this blog post is for you.

We are currently beta testing a brand new feature in dotMailer that can transform the way you customise your email campaigns with dynamic content.

Catchily called External Dynamic Content, this smart new tool enables you to feed very large amounts of data into your dotMailer email campaigns from external data sources such as your CRM or fulfilment system.

Now you can easily create custom, dynamic content in your email campaigns, based on large chunks of transactional or website behavioural data, for example.

Using this tool you’ll be able to personalise content like ‘product recommendations’ – for really powerful messaging. Imagine being able to use dotMailer to:

  • Show recommended products in emails to your customers, based on their previous browsing history in your online store
  • Show top news stories to your email contacts, based on their specific news topic preferences – eg ‘show me stories about mobile phones, the dairy industry and Australian books!
  • Show the user the most recent photos and results for their selected sports team

If this feature could be of use to you in your email marketing then contact your Account Manager on 0845 3379170 about taking the beta version and working with us to power-up your dynamic content.