9 things to consider when adopting RCS

RCS is here, and you can’t afford to ignore it. So what is it that you will have to do?

According to Juniper Research, businesses are still estimated to send 2.7 trillion SMS messages by 2022, and without word from Apple on when (or if) they will adopt RCS, it’s going to be more important than ever to deliver a truly multi-channel experience to make sure your messages are reaching everyone you need them to. Without a strong offering from a provider, businesses will be stuck in nightmare of complicated audience segmentation just to send out basic operational comms, but there are solutions out there to help.

What should you look for in a provider? Our handy checklist of things to consider

You need a provider who:

1. Supports new functionality

As a channel that is expected to constantly evolve, you’ll need a provider that can keep up with the additional functionality and new template options as soon as they are available. Otherwise you wont be taking advantage of everything RCS can offer. You’ll need a flexible API that is proven to keep up.

2. Allows you to easily compose messages

It’s all very well having so many new exciting features, but you need to be able to construct your RCS messages with ease, in a way that isn’t time consuming for your agents.

3. Manages inbound conversation solution

Don’t forget that RCS is not going to be a No-Reply channel like email. Its design provides you and your customers with rich conversations. You will need a provider that can handle your increased inbound messages.

4. Provides rich data for reporting

It’s not just inbound messages that you’ll need to consider when sending with RCS, but also the potential data that you can get back from a campaign such as delivery and read rates, and engagement with the media.

5. Provides fall-back channels, automatically

It will be an impossible task to try to attempt to figure out which of your audiences are using RCS and which aren’t, and even more time-consuming forming messages in several different templates. You need a provider that can enable you to send just once, but to every channel, with an automated fall back of SMS or even an OTT app.

6. Is an Early Access Google Partner

If the provider you are considering hasn’t been invited by Google to their Early Access Programme, then Google hasn’t trusted them. Perhaps you shouldn’t either! You need a provider who has tried and tested RCS and knows what they are doing with it.

7. Has a superior knowledge base

There might be a number of providers who are popping up on the scene trying to seize RCS for the golden opportunity that it is, and many may be successful, but do you really want to be their guinea-pig? We recommend providers who have been on the scene a while.

8. Is experienced with sending at scale

Any communication you have with your customers is important. Whether you are sending one message, or one million, you need a provider who is both experienced at bulk sends, and who will give attention to your campaigns, large or small.

9. Seamless integration

Lastly, you will need a provider that is able to integrate RCS into your other messaging channel platforms with ease, and preferably one that will make other future channel adoption simpler if you have already integrated RCS to ensure you are keeping up with both the market, and consumer habits.

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