7 Ways To Benefit From dotdigital’s Salesforce Leads Integration

Now that dotdigital’s intuitive and powerful connector is online, sending emails to your Salesforce Leads and Salesforce Contacts has never been easier. In this blog post, we talk about the best way to get the most out of your Salesforce-based marketing list, and how to get as many Leads onto that list as possible.

Tip 1: Kill the spreadsheets

Every office has dozens (or hundreds) of spreadsheets with valuable contacts on them. They might be lists of last year’s leads, or last month’s event attendees, or the 30 people who attended a break-out conference session you spoke at. Move these lists into Salesforce, and you can set the nurturing ball rolling.

Tip 2: Use Lead Source wisely

The Salesforce field “Lead Source” is not designed to hold a million and one entries. Use broad categories, like Event, Webinar, or Website. Don’t clutter it up with an entry like “Bob’s Webinar last March on the new Purple Widgets”. That kind of detail goes somewhere else – in Salesforce Campaigns.

Tip 3: Use Salesforce Campaigns

While Lead Source should only contain a dozen or so fields max, there’s no limit on what you can do with Salesforce Campaigns, or how many you can have. Even if you have a small event where 12 people attend, or a webinar with just 4 attendees, you should create a Salesforce Campaign for this marketing activity, and add each relevant Lead to this Campaign.

Tip 4: Make it Easy for prospects to sign up

Don’t make your prospective leads work hard to give you their email address. Too many companies limit their web form to the bottom of the Contact Us page. Instead, ensure that your web visitors have every opportunity to give you their details by putting web-forms on many (if not all) pages.

By using a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form on your website, you can allow visitors to get their info or question to you, with that data going straight into Salesforce, regardless of the hour or day. The Web-to_Lead form can be as simple as a single field asking for an email address, or a long form to request a quote. Salesforce generates the code for this form in Setup, Customize, Leads, Web to Lead.

Tip 5: Add every new Lead to a Salesforce Campaign

When importing Leads from Spreadsheets, add them to the appropriate Campaign right away by importing the spreadsheet from the appropriate Campaign page in Salesforce. When using the Salesforce Web-to-Lead form, you can tweak the HTML of the code so that the new Lead is automatically added to a Salesforce Campaign. This makes your marketing and segmentation that much easier later on.

Tip 6: Get deeper info on your Leads

You can get additional info on your Leads above and beyond what they fill in on the web-to-lead form. Using tools like Daddy Analytics, you can enhance your Web-to-Lead form and gather marketing information such as what website the Lead was on before, what they searched for to find your website, and if they clicked on a Google Adwords ad. You can also get additional info such as GeoLocation, as well as Computer OS, Browser, and if they used a mobile device or computer.

Tip 7: Incentivise your Web Visitors to give their details

If you are going to provide valuable content to your visitors, consider putting it behind a form. Web visitors can ‘pay’ for this free content by filling in their details to get access to it. Be it a white paper, or a demo video, ask them fill out the Web-to-Lead form to get this content! This is especially important if you are attracting visitors through partner marketing or Google Adwords marketing, and you want to understand and maximise your marketing spend ROI.

Got your own tips? Share them below – we always read and respond to comments. 

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