7 Steps To Making Your Email Campaign Mobile-Ready

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As Kath Pay previously highlighted, email marketers are seeing open rates on mobile devices rocket – sometimes by as much as 70%.

It’s no surprise really when you consider that, according to research earlier this year from Econsultancy, 88% of smartphone users check emails using their mobile device on a daily basis.

This means emails that are unfit for viewing on smartphones and tablets will inevitably lead to rising unsubscribe rates – bad news for marketers.

Increasingly, ‘mobile’ is becoming a difficult concept to define, and the email journey of your recipient is changing. For example, your recipients might be checking emails on their smartphone first thing in the morning, on a desktop in the office, or a tablet when watching television at home.

No matter what the device, poor design is likely to severely affect the ROI of your campaign. And, however pretty an email looks on a PC or tablet, if your recipient has to work too hard to find the most relevant and important content using a smartphone, it may be ignored.

I’m regularly asked “what are the design considerations for mobile email campaigns?” So, I wanted to pull a guide together that’ll help you ensure your email displays effectively on mobile devices. And I’m calling it my 7-Step Email Campaign Fitness Regime.

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And if you’ve got your own tips for the guide – I’d love you to share them in the comments below – or tweet @dotMailer. And feel free to circle me on Google+ here

Don’t let mobile buyers miss you out. Click above to download today »

Don’t let mobile buyers miss you out. Click above to download today »

Your customers use mobiles to buy. Make sure it’s from you.

If you’re not serving responsive emails, you’re not getting enough ROI from your email list. Find out what you need to know, to mobile optimise your email marketing.
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