61% Prefer To Receive Promotions By Email

A report out last week from Econsultancy reveals that while UK consumers are increasingly using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, marketers still need to focus on targeted and relevant email marketing if they want to enjoy e-commerce success.

Despite the current hype around social media, network adoption and its influence on ecommerce is far from maturity. More than a third of consumers (38%) do not use a social network site, and only 6% have asked for recommendations on social sites during their most recent product search.

The survey also highlights the importance of targeted and relevant email marketing, with half of consumers reporting that irrelevant information devalued the emails they received. Similarly, 50% of respondents said that emails weren’t valuable because there was “no special advantage” to receiving them.

Over a third of respondents (36%) said that receiving an email had prompted them to make a purchase online, whilst around a quarter (27%) reported that an email was the cause of an offline purchase.

When it comes to advertising messages, 61% of consumers said they prefer to receive promotional material for sales and specials by email, compared to 28% who said postal mail and only 5% who said social sites.

The Econsultancy findings are based on a survey of more than 1,200 nationally representative UK consumers, broken down by different age groups to give deeper insight into their behaviour and motivations. The full research can be downloaded from the Econsultancy website (payment required).

These findings, especially those concerning promotions in email tie in very closely with recent research from the IAB and ICD, which shows that although the majority would delete emails without opening them if they didn’t feel they were relevant, 70% were more likely to open an email if it contained an offer incentive in the subject line. Offers of money off scored highly too with prior knowledge of the brand also important.

Last week, I put together a series of top tips for marketers looking to make the most out of promotional emails.

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