6 Ways To Convert the Christmas Break Into Revenue (While You Relax At Home!)

You’ve worked hard all year. Believe me, I know you have – because I’m in the same game as you – making digital marketing work hard for your business.

So this Christmas break is a well-earned chance to take some time out.

The good news is, you can take that break – and still drive sales and responses from your email marketing.

Here are my 6 tips on how to do it:

    1. Email campaign scheduling

Your ESP should enable you to schedule any number of email campaigns in advance. So you can set up the creative, organise your data then schedule the campaign to go out on days when you are away.

    1. Auto remails

Some ESPs enable you to automate the remailing of an advanced-scheduled campaign to non-openers.

dotMailer for example let’s you automate a remail based on the winning outcome of an initial subject split test . Or you can choose to set a fresh subject line for the remail, to drive more opens.

    1. Post-Christmas sales

Boxing Day is one of the busiest online sales days of the year. So if you’re marketing to consumers, make sure you get a piece of the action. Schedule price promo emails for broadcast on Boxing Day and set up triggered emails to follow-up those who respond.

    1. New Year Sales

January sales are still massive business.  Schedule your January 1st B2C email campaigns and triggered emails for demand generation, driving traffic to your site or footfall through your doors.

And schedule B2B email campaigns with New Years sales promotions, ready to hit your contacts’ inboxes the morning they get back to work in January.

    1. Happy New Year!

Building profitable engagement with your customers, clients, prospects and communities isn’t always about direct selling. Schedule a ‘Happy New Year’ email for a chance to keep in touch and stay front of mind – even through their hangover fog!

    1. Do what Santa does and get some helpers

If you don’t have time to set all this up – ask your ESP to help. At dotMailer we have a client services team dedicated to setting up and managing all this stuff for you.

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