6 ways to change your email content

And get better response rates from your campaigns

Put links where your recipients expect to be able to click

By putting hyper links in the key hot-spot of your email and where recipients will logically expect to click you will increase the interaction with your email, the number of clicks and increase the traffic to your site to increase conversions.

Strike a balance between links and content

Not everything needs to be clickable. Too many clicks can be confusing, but not enough places to click can be infuriating and frustrating.

Test the number of clicks and their placement to find out what works for your recipients.

Include a relevant strap line to reinforce your campaign or brand proposition

A strap line adds to the recipient’s recognition of your brand and the trust that the recipient has in your email. More trust equals more interaction and a better conversion rate.

Structure content logically and clearly

Make it easy for your recipients to know where to read next, and most importantly, what action they should be doing next.

Keep the offer or proposition consistent

A single offer gives your campaign strength and means it doesn’t get confusing.

Make sure that everything adds to the point of your email, from the subject line, to the content, through to your call to actions.

Consider the tone, language and length of copy

Know your target audience and write your copy with them in mind.

If you don’t tailor your copy to your audience you run the risk of turning them and off and possibly encouraging them to unsubscribe from your emails.