6 Inspiring Summery Email Marketing Campaigns

April might have brought snow but we are now officially in British Summer Time, which means its time for to forget winter warmers and festive gifts and say hello to sparkling sunshine and beaming beaches!

In all seriousness, industries such as travel, fashion and hospitality have to take advantage of summer spending. So, we’re taking a look at the brands that have already captured the summer spirit in their email campaigns:

From: Thomas Cook

Subject: Check in to summer with 10% off our holidays

Thomas Cook Email Camapign

Subject: Check in to summer with 10% off our holidays

Summer holidays are supposed to be relaxing and a chance to unwind, but we all know the hassle of booking up and getting there. Thomas Cook’s subject line captures that urgency and provides a tempting offer while the email itself tempts recipients with some great summer holiday images.

Email Campaign from LL Bean

Subject: Summer styles inspired by colour + free $10 gift card

From: L.L Bean

Subject: Summer styles inspired by colour + free $10 gift card

US fashion retailer, L.L Bean, introduced its seasonal offers with an extremely simple email with a snappy subject line and great offer. We do feel that, when promised ‘colour’, we expect to see something slightly more colourful than this, but maybe we’re just being picky.

Actually, the elusive colour is hiding on the landing page!

Email Marketing Campaign from Amazon

Subject: Wear everywhere: Strap happy sandals

From: Amazon.co.uk

Subject: Wear everywhere: Strap happy sandals

There’s no confusion as to what this email is about from the subject line. For online retail giant Amazon, it makes sense to highlight specific ranges as it would take years to leaf through the entire summer range. After all, we all have to buy a pair of summer sandals at some point, and this email makes it very easy for recipients to do so.

Email Marketing Campaign From JC Penney

Subject: An extra 20% off just in time for summer

From: JC Penney

Subject: An extra 20% off just in time for summer

Department store JC Penney has hit the summer email marketing hard with a bikini-clad campaign and 20% off its summer clothing range as indicated in the subject line. There’s even a Call To Action giving 10% off all furniture at the very top, making this one the best value emails we’ve seen so far.

From: New Look

Subject: New: Men’s Fashion | Shop it like it’s hot ☀

Everyone loves a cheeky pun in a subject line and New Look’s Snoop Dogg inspired campaign certainly has that, as well as an eye-catching icon. Thankfully, the content is as bright and vibrant as it promises to be and the campaigns are customised to appeal to specific genders.

Email Campaign from easyJet

Early summer breaks – 335,000 seats for under £45

From: easyJet

Subject: [Name], Early summer breaks – 335,000 seats for under £45

We’ve applauded the infamous low-cost airline company for its email marketing before and easyJet’s summer campaign took off way back in March when the idea of sunshine was but a pipe dream to us vitamin-D-starved Brits. The semi-personalised subject line gives the recipient an attractive price point and encourages them to open.

If you’re looking to drive summer sales it’s time to start making sure your email marketing campaigns are up to speed.

Getting your email programme right is about making sure recipients know they are getting a relevant summer deal, as well as some sunshine in their inbox – and don’t forget that hot weather is correlated to mobile use, so ensure your campaigns are optimised for mobiles, too.

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