5 ways to power your growth with CRM

Now’s not the time to take your foot off the gas when it comes to growth. But it helps to have the tools to keep the wheels turning. That’s where your CRM comes in.

Now’s not the time to make your life any harder. We’re all about life hacking here at dotdigital. And hooking up your CRM to dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a hell of a hack. We’re going to talk you through some benefits of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration in this blog to help you keep going with your growth efforts, even in the strangest of times.

How you can drive growth in CRM

1. Data unite! 

A lot of us are bringing together two worlds of work and home at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I have found, with delight, that my commute is a bit more efficient and my lunch break, a bit more cost-effective. Turns out bringing your data together from your CRM and your omnichannel marketing automation platform is a bit of a hack too. Why on earth would you keep them separate? Save time from switching between the two and deploy from one place. Not only that, but you can identify trends and act on them all from one platform. 

2. Leverage data for personalization

Another advantage of bringing together data is the ability to leverage information you have about customers or leads, and use these in your engagement campaigns. For instance, universities that use our integration to send messaging to their students personalize it based on the courses that they are enrolled in. B2B models enter their leads into certain programs based on their lead score, and not-for-profits thank their donors with an SMS with more information about what their money will go towards helping.

3. If you’re running webinars make sure you make the most of them

Webinars are everywhere at the moment. That’s no criticism, we’re doing them too! But ask yourselves, why are you doing them? It’s important to be keep your aims in mind from the start. Are you running them for lead generation? Then what are you doing with those leads? Or are you running them to bring extra value to loyal customers. Whatever your aim, can your integration pop your webinar attendees into a address book where they can be enrolled into a program suited to their needs? 

4. New content on your website?

Another strategy we’re seeing a lot of from brands at the moment is the generation of lots of new content. Brilliant – we love content! It truly is king. But as with webinars, its important to keep the aims of the content in mind when creating and when rolling out. Consider using your CRM integration to trigger an SMS when you have new content on your site to alert those who are interested and move them further down the funnel quicker.

5. Win back what’s lost

No one likes churn, but it happens. Fortunately, you can even leverage your CRM integration when the worst occurs by triggering action the moment a contact record is deleted. Win back just got easier!

Fresh updates are coming to the Dynamics integration and connector. Sign up to the platform release to learn more. 

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