5 Tips For Sending Valentine’s Day Emails

I’ve talked before about seasonal email marketing here on the blog. And when it comes to seasonal emailing, Valentine’s Day has to be right up there!

Whether it’s flowers, chocolates or something a little spicier, we all flock to the shops in the lead up to 14th February in honour of the ones we love.

But, when it comes to email marketing, how do you make sure your Valentine’s Day messages get hearts beating?

Here are my top tips:

1. Timing is everything – think very carefully about your target audience and when they are likely to be buying Valentine’s Day gifts. Can you use sales data from last year to see when the most popular times are?

2. Don’t forget to segment – the obvious segmentation query is by gender. But you might want a third option that caters to both genders for the cases where you don’t have this information stored in your database.

3. Kick-off mid-month sending – this is a great opportunity to kick-off mid-month campaigns. Usually, email marketers avoid sending messages mid-month, but it’s actually a great time to create a segment of those that didn’t open your previous message and send them something different.

4. Be creative to cut through the noise – there is so much email being sent at this time, you have to work even harder to cut through the noise. Now is the time to create a bespoke template or write some killer copy.

5. Personalise the message – Tell your customers that you love them by personalising the message you send. This could be by using their name or by pulling in some other transactional data to help target the message.

What are your top tips for sending Valentine’s Day email? Let us know in the blog comments or send me the favourite campaigns you received this week.