5 Tips For Creating Tempting Sign-up Forms

In email marketing, sending emails is only half the battle. Confused? Well, the fact is, before you even start mailing, there are many things you can do to improve the deliverability of your campaign.

High up the list is how you actually generate your database of recipients. When it comes down to it, the ideal mailing list will consist of interested, relevant, and well-targeted contacts. Otherwise, you risk a “spray-and-pray” approach, which can be damaging to your reputation and a waste of the budget you’re committing to it.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention how easy it is to create your own powerful signup forms through dotMailer. If you’re lucky enough to be working with us already, find some nice detailed instructions here.

So without further ado, here are five tips which will help you create the perfect email sign-up form to capture all the right data and give your email marketing the best chance of success.

1. Clarity

Make sure it’s absolutely clear what data you’re asking for and what the potential recipient is signing up for. This will encourage more recipients to part with their information.

2. Placement

It is important that your sign-up form is easy to find on your site, either for those that are trying to locate it, but also so the more casual visitor comes across it. Make sure it’s at the top of the page, not placed as an afterthought in the footer.

3. Set expectations

On your sign-up form, give your potential recipients a clear idea about the number of messages they are likely to receive from you – how often will you send? You could even allow them to choose the frequency that suits them best. Another good idea is to include a link to your previous newsletter so they can see exactly what you will be sending.

4. Data

Put some serious thought into what data you really need to collect from recipients at this stage. Asking for too much information is an easy trap to fall into, but it will also make your recipients less likely to sign-up. And, don’t forget, it’s also illegal to collect data that you then don’t use for targeting or segmentation.

We’d recommend you keep it to only three or four pieces of data initially for example, age, location and gender. Remember with a dotMailer Enterprise account you can enrich your data with our survey tool at any time, we recommend asking for little but often.

5. Consider double or single opt-in

The question about whether to go for double or single opt-in isn’t entirely straightforward. While double opt-in will usually give you more engaged recipients and better performing data, you do run the risk of losing some people during the sign-up process. Sometimes it depends on the type of company you represent and what’s included in your newsletter.


What do you think of these tips? What else have you tried using in the past?


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