5 Shortcuts To Build The Perfect Mailing List

When it comes to email marketing, your efforts will only be effective if you have a good quality mailing list. Data really is king! But too many email marketers don’t spend enough time collecting clean, quality data and will therefore suffer from negative overall results.

While there are no real ‘shortcuts’ to collecting great data, the following tips will help keep you on the right path:

  1. 1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is

    The promise of thousands of contact details in nice clear format at bargain prices can be tantalising to the inexperienced email marketer. But, in the end, these offerings are almost always comprised of out-of-date, disinterested dead-ends who have no interest in your news and might even spread negative word of mouth about your ‘spamming’ habits.

  1. 2. Make people want to give you their data

  2. Incentivising people to sign-up for your emails can help increase the size of your mailing list. It makes financial sense too. For example, one of our clients put together an incentivised campaign that prompted over 40,000 signups. The DMA has said in the past that the lifetime value of an email address for a company is around £10, so that’s a nice £400k asset they’ve collected right there! Even if you give away something like a campervan, the ROI speaks for itself.


  • 3. Give people every and any opportunity to subscribe

  • Whenever people interact with your brand, give them the option to sign-up to your email newsletter! Work on contact forms, your marketing materials, social channels and anything else you can think of. The easier you make it, the more likely they are to tick that box and begin a long-term relationship with your brand.



  • 4. Don’t put them off by asking for too much


Time and time again I see sign-up forms that ask potential recipients to give them lots of irrelevant information. Not only is it illegal to ask for and store data that you aren’t planning to use for targeting and segmentation, but it’s also the quickest and easiest way to put recipients off signing up. Make it easy and only ask for what you need.


  1. 5. Segment and target your sending

There’s no point building a big mailing list if your first emails simply turn them off and make them unsubscribe. So make sure you segment and target your sending from the very first email. Sending relevant, value added messages is the only way to increase key metrics such as open rates and click-throughs.

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