5 Reasons Email Marketers Don’t Gather Data (And Why They Should!)

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It is easy to look at sales and marketing as two halves of the same whole. Sales are what ultimately determine the success or failure of a company. If a company continues to increase the number of sales, it is set for future success.

Marketing is all about telling your potential customers what you do as a business and, more importantly, what you can do for them. For the sales effort to be a success, marketing effectively is absolutely critical.

Know your customers, appeal to their emotions
The first step to winning at marketing is knowing what your customers want. Doing your market research is vital, but really the only way to find out what your customers want is to ask them. In email marketing this means analysing their behaviour and interaction with your campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the only marketing strategies that allows companies to make the messages they put across to customers bespoke or personalised, with minimum effort. This makes the customer feel valued and understood. Creating emotion is the key to successful sales and marketing, as Brian Ahearn states:


Use your data
It is crucial to use the data you collect to make campaigns relevant and targeted. This is where many companies are missing a trick. There are numerous opportunities for businesses to collect information about their recipients: on sign up, after sign up, after purchase or simply by inviting them to enter competitions or reviews.

This information can then be segmented and used to create dynamic content to ensure recipients receive relevant information on particular products, services and offers.

So by not gathering data you are limiting the potential of your email marketing campaign.

Why aren’t marketers gathering data?
If it’s such a no brainer, why are so many people not gathering data? There are a number of reasons:

  • They don’t know where to begin
  • They didn’t know they could
  • The platform they are using does not make the process easy
  • They believe there is no need
  • They think it’s too expensive and/or complicated

Thankfully, none of these reasons can pass as excuses anymore. By using an email service provider with the ability to collect and analyse data, as well as segment campaigns, you can find out valuable information about your recipients easily, allowing you to target campaigns more effectively.

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