5 of our April Fools’ Day favs

Who doesn’t love an April Fools' Day prank? Especially when it has your mind pondering its validity.

dotmailer HQ in London was full of put-ons this morning, like this apparent new voice-activated door contraption. And yes, there were a few people who fell for it.

April Fool's at dotmailer HQ


Because we love fun and frolics (and good marketing), we’ve rounded up five of our favorite campaigns that might be inspiration for 2017 – including our own drone-tastic AFD jape.

Bathstore’s Silent Loo app

We’ve all sat down for a public poop and witnessed unpleasant sounds emanating from close-by cubicles. So we were disappointed to find out that Bathstore’s Silent Loo app – which plays various water-themed noises to drown out unwanted sounds – wasn’t real.

The Carlsburger

Some of us have probably indulged in a pub’s beer-and-a-burger deal at some point in our lives. But Carlsberg has gone one step further to introduce a gourmet burger, which is made from cattle reared on Carlsberg hops and two pints of lager a day.




Charity WaterAid developed this funny yet serious campaign, designed to highlight the male taboo around menstruation and to break down stigmas. How different would life be if it was men who had periods?

dotmailer drone delivery

Today, we announced that we’re no longer just about email: we’re introducing drone delivery to become the world’s first universal omni-omni-channel marketing automation tool. This means that when your campaigns bounce, you have the option to get your emails delivered by a dotmailer drone. Imagine that!

dotmailer drone


Virgin America logo

The brand unveiled its ‘new’ logo today, in a spoof video containing real and fictional employees. During a series of funny scenes and witty lines, a rather breast-like looking logo is revealed. The prank could even be interpreted as a spoof of the latest Airbnb logo, which was criticized for resembling another female body part…

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