5 not-so-hidden resources to spring your marketing forward this Easter

Are you on the hunt for inspiration to improve your springtime marketing?

As Easter approaches, it’s the perfect time to spring into the season with your marketing. This time of year isn’t just for confectioneries, either. The unofficial start of spring is a great time for any brand with seasonal offerings – it’s a time when customers are looking for things that are new and fresh. To help you out, we’ve put some free downloadable guides in our basket to help you bounce your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Stand out:

On average, people receive 40 emails a week from brands they subscribe to. You certainly won’t be the only brand reaching out to customers this spring season. It’s crucial to make sure your subject lines jump out to your audience. Is your subject line funny? Is it personal? Does it tug at the heart strings? If not, people may just swipe and delete.

Our cheat sheet, ‘First Impressions Count‘, is full of best practice tips to become the standout brand in your customer’s inbox.

Be Responsive:

Shopping from mobile devices grew by 59% during the 2015 holiday shopping season. Don’t assume that that trend is only applicable to holiday shoppers!  The shift in digital commerce is set to swing more and more toward mobile. It’s imperative that your spring campaigns are responsive and impactful on every device. If your emails are unresponsive, it’s very likely that your customer won’t go to the trouble of reading and you’ll get left in the dust of the mobile revolution.

Discover the 5 life-changing steps to designing awesome emails for mobile with our cheatsheet ‘Keep it super simple‘.

Make it personal:

Remember decorating Easter eggs as a child? Getting to personalize a simple white egg in any way you want is one of the highlights of the tradition. No two Easter eggs are ever quite the same.

Well, neither are your customers. Each has their own tastes and preferences. Today’s customers are savvier then ever and expect to see relevancy and context in your communications to them. Personalization is all about using what you know about your audience to create a 1 to 1 conversation. Using a broad range of tools and techniques, you can make practical adjustments and make your marketing more personal to your customer.

Learn just a handful of ways you can personalize your marketing with our best practice guide ‘5 super-effective ways to re-engage lapsed leads‘.

Smooth landing:

As email marketers, it’s easy for us to focus on the design and targeting of our messages. But we should also embrace the opportunities to work beyond just hitting the send button. What good is a strong call to action in an email, only to click through to an uninspiring landing page? That’s like finding a plastic Easter egg in the garden with no candy in it!

It’s very important to have a landing page that is consistent with your email and delivers on what your customer expects to find when clicking-through.

So now the hunt should be over. We’ve given you 5 actionable resources to help shape up your spring time marketing. So finish off that chocolate bunny and hop to it.

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