5 Hot Tips For Email Marketers Looking To Max Their Email Campaign ROI

Whether you are an experienced email marketer, or just starting out sending your first campaigns, practical tips that deliver tangible results are always worth saving.

These 5 tips are easy to implement and can make a significant difference to your recipients’ engagement with your campaigns.

1. Hold The Phone! – With the ever-growing smart phone market affecting how people digest your emails, it is essential to make sure that it is as easy as possible for your recipients to call you straight from the phone they are reading your email on.

So be sure to insert your phone number in international format (for the UK, this begins with 0044).

This is even relevant for recipients in countries as close as Ireland- having an international dialling prefix means that they have a one-click action to get in touch with you.On this note, avoid using a “+” before your phone number, as some smartphones will not let you call it directly.

2. The Picture Of Health – make sure you have a healthy image-to-text ratio in your campaigns; spam filters with the likes of Gmail and Hotmail are becoming increasingly strict on image heavy emails.

Keeping your messages image-light, and including more text can  increase your chances of getting into the inbox and not trapped in the spam filters.Split test your campaign content to see which image to text ratio delivers the best open rates.

Gmail is now theworld’s largest email provider

Gmail is now the world’s largest email provider

3. Pass The Spam – With Gmail finally overtaking Hotmail as the world’s largest email provider, it makes sense to be aware of how their spam filters work.

Google has a useful resource which they frequently update for you to check exactly how their content and behaviour filters work before you send out that all important campaign.Best get rid of that “get rich quick” slogan before we proceed, then…

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Email marketing is just as much about the initial delivery stage as it is about what your recipients do next.

Even if you have included the customary “read more” link through to your website, ensure that any images are linked too (even if this is to the same destination on your site).

Make it as easy and obvious as possible for your readership to engage with your emails with both text links, buttons and images.It’s all about helping them take the next intended step onto your website with a clear call-to-action.

5. Act On Your Results – Your email platform should offer at least basic reporting statistics, so you can see who has clicked on your links, which links on your template drove the most engagement and where on your website they clicked through to.

Make sure you actively use this data for tailoring your future campaigns with more relevant content depending on which areas of your emails have been engaged with the most.

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