5 Essential Rules For Successful Mobile Email Marketing

Recent email consumer research we undertook here at dotMailer shows that 52% of consumers now access emails through their phones.

So it’s pretty clear that mobile devices and smartphones are changing the way we as consumers approach email.

But there remains confusion and uncertainty amongst many marketers about what this mobile

Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to hopefully make things a bit clearer.


1.    Make sure your website and email are optimised for mobile

Even if your email renders perfectly on a mobile device, if a recipient clicks through and finds a website that isn’t optimised they will be unlikely to convert.

According to a recent Google Adweek Presentation, 51% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from retailers with a mobile specific website, but despite this, 79% of the largest advertisers still do not have mobile sites. That is just like leaving money on the table.

2.    Make the most important things BIG

With mobile recipients likely to be constantly on the move, with only a few seconds before their attention is whisked away by something else, it is important to grab them quickly. Remember that a small screen is a small window of opportunity through which to grab interest. Larger fonts and headlines will stand out. Call to actions should also be large enough to view and click on without scrolling or zooming.

3.    Keep it simple

When it comes to mobile, less is more. Choose your words and pictures carefully and don’t clutter up the page. Studies show that the more action items in a newsletter, the less response each one receives. This is even more critical when it comes to mobile.

4.    Link to social media

A quarter of all time spent on the internet is spent on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. And 78% of the UK online population uses social media sites to pass on and send information, so it is imperative to make the most of this market.

Mobile users are big consumers of social media – in fact, it is the second most common activity on mobiles after email itself – so linking the two makes perfect sense.

5.    Do your analysis

Your ESP’s analytics you should give you a breakdown of your campaign recipients based on the email client and device they opened the email with, eg, Outlook, Hotmail, iPhone, Android, Blackberry.

With this data to hand you can identify your best strategy for accommodating your mobile phone email consumers.

Want to know more? dotMailer boss Tink Taylor recently shared his own tips on the DMA’s blog. Read ‘Mobile email marketing: what to do and why’ here

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