#4: Who wants sprouts when you can have Cabbages & Roses

Cabbages & Roses have done a good job of encouraging customers to go to its site and follow its social networks in the run-up to Christmas.

The email promises a special treat every day at midday, until the 20th December. A nice and simple way to see if the send has had impact by monitoring any spikes in website traffic.

Cabbages & Roses have also included a reminder that there’s still time to get items delivered for Christmas, and those all-important store opening hours for the sales.

Cabbages & Roses Christmas treat email


With dotmailer’s WebInsight tool you can track what users have looked at on your site from a click in an email. And, if they’ve abandoned your site or their cart, you can send automated emails with content that’s timely and relevant to bring them back.

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