4 things to consider before picking a Twitter DM provider

More than ever, it’s essential you choose the right tools for your business. Both to support your Twitter strategy, and your overall omnichannel communication strategy. When choosing a Twitter DM provider, it’s important you bear the following in mind.  The right provider…

1. … should have ability to offer personalised experience to your customers.

This is exceptionally important when you consider that 83% of customers with a personalised interaction were satisfied by their customer service experience on Twitter. 77% were subsequently likely to recommend the brand to others. Of customers who sought service on Twitter in 2015, 83% were satisfied when they felt the experience was personalised. This compared to only 20% who were satisfied when the experience was alternatively impersonal.

2. … will enable context across channels

This is so that any data in the form of customer information or even the conversation history itself, will be accessible to agents should the customer continue communication on another channel in the future. Likewise, your agents will be left in the lurch if a customer engages with a conversation on Twitter DM, having previously conversed on a channel such as Facebook Messenger, email, SMS or more. Your agents need a holistic view of the customer in order to provide efficient, relevant and personalised service. Your Twitter DM provider should be able to provide this.

3. … should be able to integrate into your CRM system through an API

Don’t forget what a treasure trove of information Twitter can also be. Agents could manually enter wealth of valuable data that customers are volunteering up from their public Twitters. This could include their job title, common problems or complaints with existing suppliers of products or services, what they like about particular businesses or brands and even their politics or family situation. For highly targeted marketing, this is not just an effective tool, but an essential one.

4. … will enable your agents to ‘triage’ incoming messages

By prioritising, assigning and quickly responding. In 2013, 53% of users who asked a brand a question on Twitter expected a response within one hour. For complaints, that figure goes up to 72%. Analysing other recent trends in consumer expectation, no doubt this has since also risen dramatically.

Comapi as your Twitter DM provider 

With Contact

In order to integrate to Twitter DM, you will need to access your API keys from Twitter. Don’t worry! It involves a few simple steps including applying for a developer account, and then choosing to share a few permissions. We will walk you through it with our docs and we can also provide additional support with our managed services team. Most users are up and running in a couple of hours. Plug in, and you’re ready to go!

Empower your agents with context and real-time conversation with Contact, Comapi’s SaaS tool. Comapi’s software solutions have become essential tools for thousands of businesses across the globe who require an omnichannel strategy but lack dev resource. Contact centralises consumer data into Profiles for your agents to access to ensure they are always getting the whole picture, enabling more relevant and personalised conversations. The Chat tool in Contact ensures your agents never miss a message, and enables them to communicate instantly and assign conversations, if necessary, to different teams. Contact is also future-ready. Integrate just once and you’ll have access to all of Comapi’s current channels. As well as any future relevant to consumers, immediately delivering a competitive advantage.

With Hub

As with Contact, Comapi’s Hub also requires the same API keys from Twitter. But support is always on hand with this should you need any assistance. As an API provider ourselves, Comapi empowers businesses to integrate Twitter DM into their own systems. We do this with the use of our innovative and powerful One API. Since we take care of your ability to send globally and securely at scale, now, and in the future, you can focus on how to integrate and leverage Twitter DM and the many other channels we provide to deliver exceptional experience to your new and existing customers.

Want to get started? Book a demo with of our experts.

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