36 High St Retailers Exposed. M&S Deposed!

hitting_mark_download_banner_dl_pageToday we published the brand new 2010-11 edition of our annual email marketing benchmark report – Hitting the Mark – analysing how effectively some of the UK’s top retail brands are using email marketing.

Now in its third year, we’ve been tracking the email marketing of high street retail brands for a while, and each year this report throws up some unexpected and eye-opening results.

This year’s report is no exception, delivering some shakeups in the league table and some serious home truths. After two years in the top position, Marks & Spencer has been knocked off the top spot by HMV and Republic. At the other end of the score board, both the Early Learning Centre and Harrods experienced significant drops.

Socially excluded

This year we included a brand new section on integrating email marketing with social media networks. Scores in this section were low, with a dismal average of 5.7 out of 15. Just 17% of email campaigns studied included any ‘share on social network’ links and with only four of the retailers including a link to their blog in the email content.

Other opportunities to build mailing lists and help recipients spread their marketing messages virally were overlooked by the majority of the retailers surveyed, with 50% not even including a ‘forward to friend’ link.

Getting personal

Last year’s report criticised retailers for failing to use personalisation in their email campaigns. This year just three of the 36 campaigns we studied using any kind of personalisation at all in their salutation. What’s more, although 33% of the retailers collected extra data when we signed up to receive their emails (e.g. gender, interests) only four of them actually used this data to tailor the email content they sent.

The full report – including over 70 best practice guidelines – can be downloaded at no charge by clicking here – we hope you find it interesting and useful!

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