21 reasons why 2013 was an outstanding year for dotdigital email marketing users

Did we really do all this, in just 12 months?

The last 12 months have seen so many new releases to the dotdigital email marketing platform that it’s probably been hard for even our clients and users to keep up.

What better time then to do an end of year round-up of 21 of the new features, developments and capabilities we rolled out to Engagement Cloud over 2013?

So step back with us over the last 12 months, and we’ll take you month-by-month on the dotdigital 2013 ride (and give you a taster of what’s to come in 2014).

New feature launches and enhancements in January 2013

1. Dynamic subject lines and ‘sent from’ names

Maximizing your email marketing ROI is all about hyper-personalization. So we made it easy for Engagement Cloud users to personalize subject lines and ‘sent from’ addresses based on database rules.
Learn more »

2. Enhanced API

We released an update to our API to make it even easier for our clients’ developers to integrate other business systems with their email marketing. Learn more »

3. Saving data segments as mailing lists

We enabled Engagement Cloud users to easily create dynamic database and customer segments, then save them as ‘address books’ (i.e. lists) that can be used as part of any other segments. This is seriously flexible query building!

February 2013

4. New themes for Surveys and Forms tool

It’s still the most flexible and versatile online survey and form builder tool on the market. And we keep making it better. AND it’s fully integrated with dotdigital. Watch the video…

March 2013

5. Controllable throttled sending

We enabled Engagement Cloud users to control the rate of their own email sends, so they can control response rates and manage demand generation and their customer service response. Learn more »

April 2013

6. New campaign preview

We launched an advanced email template preview tool, so users can see at-a-glance how their emails will look on mobiles, in landscape and portrait, and with different dynamic content rules. Learn more »

7. Bulk contact update

Users can now power dynamic content from customer segments they create  – making campaigns even more targeted, personalized and effective.

8. Translations in the Surveys and Forms tool

Our survey builder tool went multi-lingual this year, with an interface available in 8 different languages.

May 2013

9. Engagement Cloud for Magento launched

With the launch of Engagement Cloud for Magento, we set a goal this year of transforming the value and results that Magento-powered online retailers can reap from email marketing.

June 2013

10. New template library design

We updated our free template library design, introducing icons to show where a template uses responsive design so it works perfectly on any mobile device as well as desktop.


We enabled auto-compliance with CAN-SPAM email content requirements for all US based Engagement Cloud users.

12. Image migration to the Cloud

All the images we host for clients are now hosted on the cloud – so are entirely safe and secure.

July 2013

13. Create and save your own drag & drop template building blocks

In July our industry-leading drag & drop email template editor lapped the competition yet again, with the launch of ‘saveable’ template building blocks that Engagement Cloud users can create and re-use in any campaign they want. Watch the video to learn more…

14. Customer Insight Module

Our second major feature release in the same month! dotdigital’s Customer Insight Module lets you quickly and easily integrate with and query any external database you hold.

Now you can create targeted email segments and campaigns based on your website and ecommerce user data, your customer transactional data, event attendance data – anything! Watch the video to learn more…

August 2013

15. Enhanced image manager

We made it even quicker and easier for dotdigital Engagement Cloud users to arrange their images in folders and search for stored images for use in email campaigns.

16. Drag & drop External Dynamic Content

Our External Dynamic Content feature lets you tailor content dynamically, based on customer transactional data, for example. We just made this feature even better by including it in our drag & drop editor so users can place this content anywhere they want in their template – no need for coding. Learn more »

September 2013

17. dotdigital Surveys and Forms: Hidden fields

Now you can include hidden fields in your integrated forms, to populate database fields automatically. Learn more »

18. Pop-over surveys

We added yet another awesome feature to our Surveys and Forms Builder tool – the ability for users to easily create and enable pop-over forms to help drive data capture and increase your webform conversion rates.

October 2013

19. Mobile responsive image scaling and responsive template building blocks

We made it even easier (if that’s possible!) for Engagement Cloud users to create and edit mobile responsive email templates. Images can now be set to scale automatically for mobiles and tablets, and content set (or unset) to appear, hide or stack, according to the device your email is opened on. Learn more »

November 2013

20. Link editing

We enabled our users to check and edit all their email template links from one pane, even more quickly and easily.

December 2013

21. Updated social sharing tool and new social links tool

Drag & drop social sharing links, and from December, social ‘follow’ links, enable you to make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your email content on their own social networks and to sign up as followers of yours.

Coming very soon in 2014…

22. Drag & Drop Email Marketing Automation Program Builder

dotdigital’s marketing automation platform will soon be adding another piece of time-saving drag & drop brilliance to its suite.

By early 2014, Engagement Cloud users will be able to build and visualize sophisticated, automated email programs using an intuitive drag & drop interface.

Happy New Year from all the dotdigital team!

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